Matthews goes nuts on Senator Sherrod Brown, “You blew it”

An awesomely awesome lecture from Matthews to lefty, and may I say, endangered Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown, on why Democrats like he should not be hammering Obama for making a deal. It’s fun watching the left melt down, especially when their own wholly owned subsidiary MSNBC lights the match.

The topic is the anger on the part of the progressive wing of the party, and it’s criticism of the President’s deal with the Republicans. In summary, the left is outraged that their progressive President is turning out to be not so progressive. The idea that the rich will still pay the same tax rates and the estate tax will rise to just 35% instead of 55% is enough to make them explode. The progressive dream of high taxes, government health care, central control is crumbling before their eyes.

Last night Matthews went after lefty Senator Sherrod Brown, who was among those criticizing the President for caving to Republicans without fighting. He angrily points out the Democrats are losers and makes Brown back down like a child who’s been caught throwing a temper tantrum.

Make note in the middle of the interview of Matthews going after the “other” Brown from Massachusetts on his ideological core. I’ve asked that question myself.


Let me add, this is more than just a meltdown because the President compromised on taxes with Republicans. As I said in this post,  it’s an admission by the President that progressive economics does not work and that the only way out of this mess is to do what Republicans have called for for two years. Cut taxes. Get out of the way.

But is it too late?


What a buzz kill.

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    "better deal…better deal"….why is it always about "deals"? Can't they get their crap together and just do what is RIGHT for the country? (pun intended…ha!)

  2. BEA
    BEA says:

    Wow…Chris…take a breath!!!

    "I just wonder about all this beatin up on the president of the United States." Awww, boo hoo Chris, boo hoo. I swear, between the president, the politicians, and the news people it's just disgusting to me at how ill behaved they all are. I thought politicians from other countries that slapped, kicked, punched, and rumbled were crazy…our guys are just pathetic, cry baby, weenies. For pete's sake…put your big girl panties on and deal with it!!!!

    As a side note…Nancy Pelosi's ratings were at 24%and Harry Reid's were at 14%??? How in the world did Harry Reid get re-elected?!?

  3. brianh
    brianh says:

    BEA…Harry Reid got re-elected 'cuz he had buses pick up casino workers and take 'em to the polls! And it was only close enough for that 'cuz Harry has power and brings home the bacon to NV. Lots of people consider that to be the measure of a good Rep. Many here in MA love Richie Neil 'cuz he brings home the bacon and they're happy he won Charlie Wrangel's committee post the other night (fortunately as the minority leader, now).

  4. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    Reagan said the Dems went so far left that they'd left the nation- I think they've now left the planet! I don't know what Reed, Barry and Pelosi are doing to earn Matthews' undying loyalty, but they're killing the rest of us.

  5. Gregory Wonderwheel
    Gregory Wonderwheel says:

    Matthews goes "nuts" is exactly right. His criticism is nuts. His citation of polling is nuts also. The congressional polling is meaningless. When people are polled on what they think of congress they are talking about Congress as a generality with the the idea that they don't like other people's representatives. Only the polling of the people in the same district of the representative being evaluated counts for anything. And I'm willinng to bet that there are only a handfull of the 435 districts in which Obama polls higher than the congressional representative.  Matthews is just silly blustering with no there there.

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