Lila Rose, Rosa Acuna Project, Philly abortion story tomorrow

If you are not familiar with the Philadelphia Daily News story on a court mandated abortion of a 22 week old fetus … the story is here. But here’s a brief summary.

A DEPARTMENT OF Human Services caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler or her unborn baby if she had the child, according to the teen’s foster mother.

The alleged strong-arm tactic happened one day after DHS learned of the pregnancy, when the girl was about 22 weeks pregnant, according to her foster mother and the girl’s social worker, Marisol Rivera.

Tomorrow we will talk with Lila Rose at 11AM, a courageous young woman who has gained national attention by exposing unethical practices inside abortion clinics around the country. For her effort she has been scorned, ridiculed and attacked by the pro abortion left. From her website:

WHO WE ARE: We are a youth led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion, the greatest human rights injustice of our time. We use new media to educate the public about the humanity of the unborn and investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable and defenseless.

NON-VIOLENCE: Live Action is strictly non-violent and only endorses or allies with groups that are also non-violent.

It is indeed a youth led project dedicated to a culture of life. We have detailed her work in exposing practices inside Planned Parenthood … here.

Here’s a sample of the work she and her colleagues uncover.


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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Posted is a wikipedia link on the nazi Lebensborn Project. …. .…..One of the ABBA singers is a victim of this sinister program. When a fasci state controls the healthcare system , they can control who gets born and who does not. Under Hitler the desire to breed a master race meant that mothers to aryan babies got especially good medical care, especially if the father was a military soldier. The program encouraged German men to cheat on their wives and lead to the rape of many nordic women. As our country struggles with tightening budgets, environemntal extremism , and a growing acceptance  of moral depravities, we are in serious danger of using tax payer money to  force potential "welfare burdens" into committing grotesque acts of murder. Thank you Jim for lifting up the rock and casting the light of day upon the slugs and worms living under the surface of our fake  society.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I find it both amazing and appalling that human life can be legislated and subject to judicial approval.  Is it just me, or is the line between respect for human life and the infamous death panels becoming even more fuzzy.  Or just erased?


    Food for thought for you NØbamacare proponents.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Choice.  The real choice is between right and wrong, something awakened by viewing an ultrasound, hence the fight to keep undecided mothers from seeing them.


    Choice.  Birth control occurs BEFORE conception, not after.  There are multiple methods and many can be used redundantly, so no matter how drunk or "easy" you are, pregnancy can be avoided.  Too many find a baby "inconvenient" or "the wrong sex" or whatever, and most abortions are those of convenience.


    Choice.  After conception, a zygote, embryo, fetus, baby is a demonstrably human and unique individual, not a "piece of tissue like a hangnail" to be excised and discarded.  If embryos could vote, they would be protected.


    Choice.  You can give a baby to a couple that desperately wants one, no questions asked.  Fertility clinics are full of people that want what you are callously considering throwing away.  Wouldn't you sleep a lot better if you made the right choice and gave your child a loving home?


    Choice.  The options are many.  Why choose abortion?

  4. theignorantfisherman
    theignorantfisherman says:


    Sickos…bar none….  This is just the tip of the iceberg…50,000,000 since 1973… we are doomed as a nation. 2010 or 2012 will never fix this catastrophic plague on our society.  Woe unto America!…  the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

  5. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    May God have mercy on ALL who were involved Jim, during this Mother's Day weekend and beyond.

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