The state and abortion: the shape of things to come?

Is it wrong for me to assume most government bureaucrats are lefties and thus carry the usual lefty baggage with them, including, it’s not a life, it’s a clump of cells, it’s not a heart beat, it’s a heart tone? Make no mistake, government bureaucrats will never view someone else’s life in the same manner as they view their own. Make no mistake, when you put your life in the hands of a bureaucrat you get the latest lefty  ideology. Maybe I’m not being fair, maybe?

From the via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and please take the time to read his take and the entire article on

A DEPARTMENT OF Human Services caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler or her unborn baby if she had the child, according to the teen’s foster mother.

The alleged strong-arm tactic happened one day after DHS learned of the pregnancy, when the girl was about 22 weeks pregnant, according to her foster mother and the girl’s social worker, Marisol Rivera.

That’s just the beginning of what the Daily News is reporting in Philadelphia. If all of this is as they report, it is just about the saddest thing I have ever read.

By the time DHS arranged for the abortion – in March – the girl was 24 weeks pregnant. She had to undergo the procedure in New Jersey because abortions in Pennsylvania are illegal at 24 weeks …

Rivera, the girl’s social worker, said that she was fired by Concilio, which subcontracted with DHS to provide care, after she initially refused to accompany the teen for the abortion.

“They hired me to work in child protection, not to kill children,” Rivera told the Daily News.

I wish I could tell that that is where the story ends, but it does not. DHS, ostensibly the state office charged with protecting children apparently does this on a regular basis.

Abortions are a little-known aspect of DHS’s oversight of children in its custody.

Between September 2006 and March 31, Schwarz said, 335 minors under DHS care became pregnant. Of those, 119 resulted in abortions. Of those abortions, 54 were done by judge’s order.

Eight of the abortions were performed out of state, Schwarz said.

I am sure DHS’s rationalization of this type of policy is to protect the babies from having babies, the children from having children. In other words, making everyone’s life easier. Everyone that is, except the life of a seven 6 month old unborn child. Just so you know … here is what a seven 5 month fetus looks like. From

God save us. I can assure you this reckless disregard for life in the name of budgets and saving us from ourselves (Don’t worry dear, Obamacare will take of care of grandma from here.) will permeate government run health care. Don’t believe me? Here’s Robert Reich.


Save the babies.

UPDATE: Let me just add that my mom was born at 6 months, the same age as this young child when aborted. She survived during a time when survival at this age of development was unheard of. She had four children, a former Assistant United States Attorney and first woman law partner of a major firm, an engineer, who helped re-design portions of a major metropolis’ mass transit system, an IT who works with a major bank on on-line banking, and a talk show host.

No brain surgeons, no Presidents, no captains of industry, just the children of a six month fetus. Just thought you should know.

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  1. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    1.  Do the folks in charge consider the rest of us human?  From here, those in charge are looking more and more like heartless, souless……     And these folks are revolted by waterboarding?

    2.  To DHS, Pro-Life and Pro-choice groups:  What percentage of your budgets is for educating youth for pregnancy prevention?   

    3.  Hmmm… a death panel at the beginning will intimidate those who were "chosen" to live.  And they will be thankful to their Government for the opportunity.  Very Orwellian and very scarey – sorry.


  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    It seems that the admiration of the way the ChiComs do thinks is not limited to Thomas Friedman; it extends to the abortion enthusiasts in the current regime.


    Why was adoption not an option?  It would have addressed the alleged concerns of the DHS, and given a baby to a childless couple that truly wanted him/her.  Is it that we have to make abortions "acceptable" to our society?  Or was it just the easiest way to deal with a perceived problem by the government?


    I hope the Øbamacare zealots are listening.

  3. winnifredthewoebegon
    winnifredthewoebegon says:

    Jim…*sigh* where to begin?

    1)  What a horrifying story…

    2)  How can a judge of one state where abortion is illegal court order an abortion to take place in another state where it IS legal?  Am I stupid?  I don't understand that…

    3)  A baby is a baby is a baby is a baby…abortion to save money?  Maybe, JUST MAYBE, if our schools taught abstinence instead of handing out condoms and teaching immature kids how to use a condom (which they will more than likely fill up with water and throw at a friend) fewer children would get pregnant.  The sex ed programs I have seen in my childrens' schools have pissed me right off….

    4)  Your mother is a miracle…That you & your sibs are here is a miracle.  Clearly God had a hand in it all.  If more people (i.e. our government and specifically pro-choice liberals) saw the miracle that is life, perhaps abortion would become a thing of the past.

    Too many people are disconnected from "soul"…when we embrace our own souls and the souls of all living things only then does life begin to have a deeper meaning.  Only then does one gain a deeper respect for the lives of others.  This includes the unborn.

    God Bless, Jim…and thanks for shedding compassionate light on this…


  4. Delta
    Delta says:

    Considering my mother didn't exactly "plan" to have me in the sense that she got pregnant after going off birth-control because it was messing with her, I'm quite grateful for the decision made to still have me, but when my sister was presented with a similar situation and decided to go forward with the abortion, while I ultimately supported her decision I did make it known to her that I felt what she was doing was wrong because I felt if she made the decision to have sex, she should be prepared for what may happen. Babies don't get a say in what happens to them, and if they did, people would think twice before aborting them in such selfish matters. I think abortion is an option on the table for many emergency and critical situations, but when someone knowingly does the deed, they should be prepared for the end result, I've been for many years now and should that occur I am prepared to do what it takes to raise that child how I was raised… not liberal of course. =)

  5. Odonna
    Odonna says:


    Isn't it against the law to transport a minor across state lines to commit an act illegal in her state?  Coercion on top of it.  (It was never about a woman's "choice")  Sick, twisted, very dark…  Where are the lawyers advocating for the Constitutional rights of these troubled young women?

  6. donh
    donh says:

    Abortion has its roots in the Phoenecian culture that rings the mediterranian sea. Children were killed in sacrifice to a devil god for personal gain of safe travel and trade success. This practice is a great offense to God. Reflect upon Abraham and his son spared the daggar, and the biblical role of the first born spared during  passover. No great civilization has ever been destroyed as completely as Carthage, but their religion survived in secret societies of the Roman Empire. Today women who get sucked into abortion are victims of deception and manipulation by the high priests of Satan who continue the ancient and despicable religion of child sacrifice. The pushers of death are the most dangerous people among us. They feed off of violance, and killing babies in the womb does not satisfy their hunger. The same arts of wicked illusions that allow society to honor an abortion doctor as an usher the  Church of Christ are now cast over  the old and  weak already born. Elderly and retarded face  killing as if they never existed at all with no discomfort of the moral conscience of society. If they are not stopped soon, they will take your children  and destroy anyone who opposes their lust for murder. God will stop it himself before it comes to that, but we are running out of time and grace.

  7. BEA
    BEA says:

     "it’s not a life, it’s a clump of cells, it’s not a heart beat, it’s a heart tone"

    …well, I wish someone would have reminded me of this little tidbit 6 yrs ago when I came to terms with the fact that I had had an abortion 20 yrs prior.

    I say "came to terms", but really I should say "had a little nervous breakdown"/deep depression after having repressed the memory all those yrs, and then acknowledging what I had done.

    Silly me…yeah, that would have made it all better…she said sarcastically.

    Jim, thank you for not being afraid to talk about this issue.  <3

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