Krauthammer on Obama’s Latino comment – a display of unbelievable Presidential smallness

I know you Gadsden flag waving conservatives don’t like Charles anymore because he dared to express his opinion on Christine “boo” O’Donnell. But everyone is entitled to an opinion and his, more often than not, hit the mark. Case in point, his dissection of Obama’s punish your enemies comment on Univision.

Just as a quick reminder, here’s the audio and here’s a link to our first post on this. Just as an aside, don’t you just love the accent on “Latino”. When in the south, he country, in the city, he’s in the heezy, and when on univision it’s “laaaaaaTino”.


But it’s Charles who nails it … unbelievable smallness. But there’s a subtext to the message to Latinos and Charles finds that too. For those of you without video … Krauthammer says, If you are Latino not only does Obama want you to punish your enemies he’s criticizing you if you don’t.


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  1. socialenemy
    socialenemy says:

    If Rush told us to punish our enemies, what do you think Chris Matthews response would be?

    I very much doubt it's be a tingle up his leg.

  2. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I will always listen to Krauthammer, I truly admire his intelligence. Again, he is telling us noble truths. I am so tired of hate and divisiveness. I'm not going to get Kumbyah on you, but we need to sweep the House and Senate on Nov.2. That being said, I want the new Congress to do the will of the People. I do not want them to spend their time investigating and punishing.That is Obama and Chicago politics. I want them to roll up their sleeves and undo almost everything,( ok  everything) that was done since Obama took office. I want action, not American against American or American against illegal immigrants.

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