Green energy irony

This from CBS News, Los Angeles…it seems that an energy efficient window is melting the plastic parts on an energy efficient Prius.

According to the news story, a woman noticed that the plastic covering on the side view mirror of her new Prius was melting.  She took it to the dealer who assured her there was nothing wrong with her vehicle.  Then she noticed that the same thing was happening to a neighbor’s car.  Finally, she noticed a powerful  beam of light coming from an energy efficient window in a neighboring condominium that was focused on the carport area where she and her neighbor parked their cars.

CBS sent a reporter to the “scene of the crime”, and, using a thermometer, he was able to demonstrate that the temperature in the path of the beam exceeded 120 degrees in less than five minutes.  He also found that similar instances involving energy efficient windows are now being reported across the country.

Go to the link and watch the video…it really is pretty interesting.   

And, remember, if you see a concentrated beam of light coming off a window, don’t park your car near it…particularly if your car is a Chevy Volt.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Maybe they could put some of those leftover Solyndra solar panels in this near laser beam of light and generate some money to payback the money they owe they taxpayer.

  2. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    How many times did Al Gore have one of his famous global warming hysterics planned only to be thwarted by snow or a cold weather event?? Bottom line, it’s not smart to mess with mother nature.? Delicious.

  3. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    Of course it’s green, Sis, one can cook eggs, bacon, and a cup of coffee on her Prius….No need for that energy wasting kitchen inside the condo.

  4. JBS
    JBS says:

    Unintended consequences are the result of messing with Ole’ Mother Nature.?
    I can’t wait until the first “green” start-up tries to get money from the Department of Energy to harness the energy of condo windows in the sun. Sad part is that they will probably get it and go out of business shortly thereafter.

  5. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    And, to add insult to injury: Battery maker Ener1 goes bankrupt after a $118 million grant from Obama “stash”.
    I have pulled all my hair out, screamed, cried, sunk my head in despair….
    now all I can do is laugh because of this idiocy.

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