Florida says, sorry, Charlie, no lapel pin for you

In a runaway, Marco Rubio (R.) easily won the Florida Senate race.  He handily defeated Kendrick Meek (D.) and Governor Charlie Crist (R., er, I., er, D.).  For those of you unfamiliar with Charlie, read on.

Charlie pretended to be a Republican when he won Florida’s governor race four years ago.  Then, at a rally earlier this year, he hugged Obama, presumably as a thanks for the millions of your Stimulus tax dollars that Obama “redistributed” to Florida.

Then, when he realized that due, in part, to this hug he would never defeat Marco Rubio in the republican primary, he withdrew from the primary and ran for the Senate as an independent.

Then, after unsuccessfully failing in his attempt to get Meek to drop out of the race (using former president Bill Clinton as an emissary), he “hinted” that, if elected, he would caucus with the democrats.

I don’t think Floridians really appreciated that Crist was able, apparently with ease, to change party affiliation three times in less than nine months.

Just a guess.

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  1. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    Crist has to be the most pathetic figure of this year's election season, and Rubio crushed him by a million votes!

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