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Where is this money coming from? Why are we nationalizing banks again?

By Erik Blazynski / February 18, 2009 /

Where is the stimulus money coming from? Also why again do we need to nationalize the banks?

Geithner’s financial stability plan – cryptic and incomplete

By Erik Blazynski / February 14, 2009 /

I took a look at Geithner’s financial stability plan. There is an aspect that I think is interesting. A creation of a fund that will hold these bad bank assets. The fund would seek private investment as well as gov’t money. That is an interesting idea. The rest of the speech was basically telling us that they have not finished the plan.

The cure for our economic blues

By Erik Blazynski / February 6, 2009 /

Stimulis will cure what ails us.

Madoff Whistleblower scorches the incompetent SEC

By Erik Blazynski / February 5, 2009 /

Harry Markopolos first blew the whistle on Bernard Madoff 9 years ago and no one listened. The story he tells is compelling. A securities fraud investigator he was asked to look into the Bernie Madoff Invesment Fund: He said he contacted the SEC in 2000 after a four-hour review of Madoff’s investment strategy showed the…

TARP Transparency – $ Update

By Erik Blazynski / February 5, 2009 /

TARP transparency documentation is released.

Tom Daschle’s Million Dollar car (exclusive video)

By Erik Blazynski / February 4, 2009 /

I have been contemplating Tom Daschle’s situation and I wonder what kind of car could possibly result in a $120,000+ tax bill.  After and exhaustive search I found my answer. Have a look… httpv:// Do you know what his carbon footprint is with this old clunker? He may single-handedly be responsible for global warming (woops,…