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Erik Blazynski

Politicians STILL taking money from TARP recipients.

By Erik Blazynski / March 28, 2009 /

Politicians still taking TARP money. Where is the outrage?

Geither To Announce Details … Wall Street Waits

By Erik Blazynski / March 21, 2009 /

Geithner is going to provide details of his toxic asset plan, there are serious ramifications to this. Obama says there are plans to expand government authority to take over failing companies.

Banana In The Tailpipe

By Erik Blazynski / March 20, 2009 /

As people protest in the streets of NYC I am struck by the notion that they are protesting in the wrong place. Time to protest in Washington.

AIG Bonuses are justified and necessary, an alternate view

By Erik Blazynski / March 17, 2009 /

Pay the bonuses already and lets move on.

Stimulus money for sale. Update: Deal Off

By Erik Blazynski / March 15, 2009 /

California cities are selling misappropriated stimulus to each other.

FBI raids office of Obama appointee

By Erik Blazynski / March 12, 2009 /

Another Obama scandal

Former AIG executive sues AIG – he was duped!

By Erik Blazynski / March 10, 2009 /

AIG Exec sues AIG for duping him into a deferred compensation plan.

The systematic destruction of our financial system

By Erik Blazynski / March 5, 2009 /

Our country’s economic system is being systematically destroyed!

How are we going to pay for this budget?

By Erik Blazynski / March 4, 2009 /

Geithner does not know how to fund this budget!!

Hope and change are turning into fear and loathing

By Erik Blazynski / February 21, 2009 /

The Obama administration brought the hope of change, but hope and change is quickly turning into fear an loathing. They basically don’t have a plan.