About that “no tax increase for the middle class” … never mind

Jim Geraghty nailed it months ago … everything the Messiah says comes with an expiration date like the … “If you make less than $250,ooo a year you will not see your taxes go up.” Well until we need it that is … today the NY Times reports that the President is considering taxing health benefits you receive from your company as income.

The issue was address on this morning’s talk shows … first my man Austin Goolsby … it’s not the President’s plan … he’s just considering it. This guy is good.


then by Dr Christina “the number may be wrong but the story is accurate” Romer. Notice please the spin …


That my friends is some pretzel twisting.

I actually have no problem with this as it goes. It is income and if you are taxing income, which you should not, then you should. The big problem is with another expired promise from the One. Can we believe anything he says.

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  1. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    I really try to give everyone a fair shake and I try not to personally attack people. But where personality is concerned the Romer woman rubs me raw. I watched her last week for an hour on CSPAN and I ended up digging my eyes and ears out with a spoon. I have not heard her make one cogent point and the smug nature with which she speaks is grating.  I would appreciate "Romer" warnings on posts which contain her image so that I don't click through and feel compelled to harm myself.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Pretzel twisting?  More like naked Twister with buttered contortionists!

    Erik is right: that woman is a master (mistress?) of saying much but really saying nothing, giving him and her lots of backdoor routes out of whatever they do.

    How about this: Economic adviser Christina Romer. When asked during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" if the fundamentals of the economy were sound, she replied: "Of course they are sound."

    Wasn't John McCain publicly eviscerated by Obama and his media tools for saying this during the campaign, when the economy wasn't in anywhere near the dire straits we find it now?

    I would call her a weasel if I weren't doing a disservice to honest weasels everywhere.

    • skepticalcynic
      skepticalcynic says:

      We need a superhero.  One with a big S on his chest.  His ONLY job is to fly to wherever someone is a total BS artist, playing the public for fools, and stand there, stare at them for a minute and just SLAP them silly (S for Slapman).  You talking Poo-Poo?  Beware the slapman.

      Barny Frank better go into hiding.  So does the good "Dr".  She is far left of pathetic.

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