Who’s In Charge, Anyway? Video Up

Last night on Hardball Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan debated the stimulus package and why it seems to be going down in flames. Both Chris and Pat call the stimulus for what it is … a porkapalooza. But then go one step further and ask the question … way are the Democrats and the President losing the battle of, of all things, words? (Video Up)


The Republicans are controlling the message and its resonating with the American people. The Democrats are overreaching, and its not only costing them … but the WH too.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Sometimes, it is good not to be king….  😉

    Seriously, I am glad that the Republicans learned something while being vilified on a daily basis when the Dems were in the minority. 

    Fight fire with fire.  It is ifinitely more effective when you have the truth on your side, and the proponents are in an indefensible position. 

    I can hear Bush laughing all the way up here in Massachusetts!!

  2. emgee
    emgee says:

    Remember that quality, "experience",  that we look for in a Presidental candidate?  Well, there was none and it shows.

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