White House to Cavuto: You are not a financial show

We detailed in this post yesterday how the White House snubbed Cavuto’s show, while making an appearance on most other networks. Now … Cavuto can’t even get Larry Summers. Larry Summers? Cavuto uses the opportunity to explain to the young President the size of the audience he is missing … and then asks … “What you so afraid if buddy?”. Pay particular attention to all of the clips where Obama takes a whack at Fox. Classic Cavuto.


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  1. Jeff S
    Jeff S says:

    It shows how this guy has the whole news media, but for one network, and the newspapers, that he is thin skinned and can't take real opposition. As Cavuto said "Why all this fuss over one network (megaphone)?" I watched Beck last night, and he was reading a letter from a woman who has just had with Washington, and I begin thinking about the old politburo of Soviet Union and thinking about the speed reader they brought in read a bill. The arrogance of this government just begs for thing "Term Limits!!!!!!!!!!" Get the bums out of there!

    I get scared thinking that Dodd could come back from his issues and win again in 2010. Which is a long time away for the good people of Connecticut forget all about his misgivngs.

  2. homosapiens
    homosapiens says:

    Somehow, we have got to keep the heat on these people. Starting with Dodd, where we might have a real chance to actually do something about him. His self-serving ads are likely to lull Connecticut citizens into complacency before the next election. Like Obama, it's not what he says, but how he says it.

  3. BEA
    BEA says:

    Obama says that ONE t.v. station is devoted to attacking his administration!?!

    Give me a break…name ONE station that DIDN'T attack President Bush and his administration!!!

    Is it me…or is he laying the ground work for a government run (i.e. controlled) media???

    • Lazybum
      Lazybum says:

      Laying the foundation? THe windows are in, teh roof is on and the trim is being installed!!!!

  4. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    Afraid of being on a show that challenged him. AFRAID.

    Now consider that Palin showed up for a show that she KNEW was not only gonna CHALLENGE her, but ridicule and BELITTLE her…………

    I've got one jock strap. And it seems the Alaskan can use it more than obama. Folks we got one big ole wuss in the white house. Afraid of his own countrymen. Can you imagine what a rock he's gonna being dealing with heads of foreign governments??

    Maybe Hillary WAS a better choice of the two.

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Obama is petty, gutless coward that won't defend his policies in a public forum. Sounds sooooo much like ManBearPig and "global warming," doesn't it?

    In science, and most things for that matter, if you can't defend your policies against critics, it usually means you can't. And a scientist that won't put up his/her research for criticism and peer review is called a fraud. I think the concept applies to the young president.

    Is it because Cavuto didn't work for Clinton in a past life? Won't he just read the daily White House talking points like the compliant talking heads on the liberal networks? Won't Fox let Obama preapprove the questions beforehand like the rumpswab networks? Will he have to go in "naked" (i.e. no teleprompter)?

    Or is is just possible that the wuss in chief just doesn't know diddley squat about economics, and needs his handlers (mouthpieces) to lead him through the main points?

    "Ridicule your enemies, in order to render their arguments invalid" is a Saul Alinsky rule for radicals. Apparently, "the one" has learned well from him.

  6. rush
    rush says:

    Obama says he wants to sit down and talk with the likes of North Korea

    and Iran but he won't talk with Fox.This guy is in over his head.

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