What did Bill Clinton know about Waco, and when did he know it?

Interesting video from last night’s Hannity program with Dick Morris. The discussion – concerning the TEA Party movement and how it could/might lead to or encourage violence – occurred during a segment discussing the Waco Branch Davidian Compound siege and Oklahoma City bombing.

The siege ending and bombing share the April 19 anniversary date. Two years apart, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols planned the bombing for April 19, and the date was not a coincidence.

In a new revelation, Dick Morris – who was President Clinton’s primary political adviser during the 1993 and 1995 events in Waco and Oklahoma City respectively – suggested Janet Reno threatened to “leak the goods” on Waco unless Bill Clinton kept her on for a second term.

President Clinton has certainly been speaking out-of-turn the past couple of days concerning TEA Party members and the current political tone, but what exactly does Morris mean by “leak the goods”? Was Clinton more directly involved with the actions at Waco then previously believed?

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit who links to Free Republic.

Update: Morrissey is not buying it.

… I dislike the idea of giving McVeigh any credibility by suggesting that Clinton holds some responsibility for Oklahoma City by pushing McVeigh to violence.  It’s as appalling as Clinton blaming Rush Limbaugh for the exact same thing, and it’s as objectionable as Clinton suggesting in a pre-emptive manner that Tea Parties will be responsible for any acts of violence later.  That shifts the blame away from the individuals who commit terrorist acts and onto those who get victimized by them, at least indirectly.  McVeigh is the one responsible for his actions, not Clinton or Reno, and that holds true for Osama bin Laden, Ted Kaczynski, and Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, too.

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  1. donh on April 20, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    I watched Dick Morris on Hannity and am glad he reminded us of Bill Clinton's role in the Waco violance. His bombshell became a major talking point today, and shows that people are not confortable with the Bill Clinton rerun  of   Oklahoma City .  I don't buy Ed Morrissey dismissal of Morris. Why is it that we all have to hold Tim VcVeigh responsible for his terror violance , but Bill Clinton nor any FBI agent was ever held responsible for the  violant terrorism at Ruby Ridge or Waco? People acting in official capacity does not excuse them from violating human rights and people's constitutional liberties. When government orders its employees to  kill innocent people and abuse the constitution , they are the ones who are putting the lives of public servants at risk, not the people who fulfill their noble duty to save our  God given liberties.

  2. Law-AbidingCitizen on April 22, 2010 at 6:49 am

    I can only hope that we will finally learn the truth about Waco and Oklahoma City. Somehow I doubt it. From one official to another, they will dissemble and obfuscate the facts. The truth, someone else has already noted, is the first casualty in any confrontation. Mr. Clinton will never take responsibility for having American military vehicles attack an American religious group in their own home. Neither will Ms. Reno. The blood on their hands is there to this day. The conspiracy "nuts" have always said that we, the public, weren't getting the truth. Maybe, they are not so "nuts" on this one.

    I hope that the media will not lose interest in this latest relation and let this be covered up by the latest breaking story — we would have learned so much more had someone from the <a title="Branch Davidian" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Branch_Davidian&quot; rel="nofollow">Branch Davidian ranch at <a title="Mount Carmel Center" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Carmel_Center&quot; rel="nofollow">Mount Carmel survived the inferno and sued the government. Over 😯 people were murdered there.

    We learned a lot about Ruby Ridge once that case went to trial. And, it wasn't pretty. Randy Weaver suffered the murder of his wife, son and was imprisoned due to government efforts to "set him up." Another example of "the government" out of control.

    To paraphrase a saying attributed to the Texas Rangers: "One problem, one Ranger." Waco is in Texas, isn't it? Why couldn't one Ranger have stopped by and at least tried to serve papers on the Davidians? I doubt that they would have molested one Ranger doing his job. But no, the government (specifically the BATF) had to show its ability to subdue (which it bungled badly) a suspected group for the object of retaining its funding for its growing assault capabilities!!!??? That's some sick people there. Government run amuck.

    It has the flavor of the Nazi's going into the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto in WWII to "save children from being abused" only to murder anyone who resisted their round-up of Jews for slave-labor, extermination, etc. The stated reason had nothing to do with their actions.

    Please, media people and responsible researchers, don't let this story wither on the vine. The door has been opened a crack — pile in and expose the truth about this unfortunate stain on American history.

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