We are back on WTIC

Forgive me for not giving everyone more notice but everything sort of came together in the last 48 hours by everyone (and there was a lot of  every ones) involved.

I will be returning to WTIC 1080 tomorrow morning at 9 AM as we continue our work to spread of the gospel of personal freedom and individual liberty across New England and really throughout so many states around the country.

I want to first of all thank all of you who helped make this happen with your calls and e-mails, not just to CBS Radio but to me as well. It really helped all of us focus on what mattered.

Thanks to my friend and agent Steve Fryer, AFTRA’s Tom Higgins who walked the extra mile and kept everyone talking, WTIC and CBS Radio. Everyone worked really hard over the last few days to make this happen and it just shows when all parties have the same goal in mind, no obstacle is too big.

Some other names not involved in the negotiation need to be mentioned. Thanks to my friend Steve McGough, who set up the show on the Internet and kept mission alive. His work as many of you know is invaluable and too often unheralded. And finally to the behind the scenes folks, the SOS who was my biggest supporter though this and my buddy Liz.

God bless you all, especially my listeners who I value so much. With so many tough things happening today, from Mississippi to West Virginia, this seems so small and in reality, it is. I am humbled and I thank you. As always I will be keeping you in my prayers.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Congradulations Jim. These are challenging times . America is engaged in a great struggle   for our freedom , family, faith  and country . Be tough and just keep going !

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    CONGRATUATIONS JIM FOR THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)=^..^= :)=^..^= ((((((((((((((((SUPER EXTRA GENTLE HUGS TO YOU JIM)))))))))))))))))))))))

    Praise God for this MIRACLE! :)=^..^= :)=^..^=

  3. winnifredthewoebegon
    winnifredthewoebegon says:

    OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!   Now, there is new meaning to what is being delivered to you tomorrow! (you'll know exactly what I mean at some point tomorrow…has to do wit intuition)  If you are happy, I am so incredibly happy for you, I cannot begin to contain the joy I have for you in my heart!!!

    You's a sneaky one, ya know that?  Just how long has this been going on?  LOL

    Jim, so many people love & support you & you have a great team…even if you weren't going back to TIC, I don't know how you could ever fail!

    Proud of you for not backing down, for not caving and for knowing your own worth.

    THUMBS UP, GINORMOUS HUGS & A BIG  KISS TO YOU, FROM ME!!!  To say I am thrilled is the understatement of the century!!!   My sincerest wishes for nothing but success, Win  😀 😀 😀 😀

    Proud of you for not backing down, for not caving and for knowing your own worth.

  4. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    Thank Heavens!!!!

    I knew that WTIC would come around and get you back on the air; I hope that your agent did well by you and made those shortsighted executives in management beg.

    No more kidney stones stories or other inane crud; they might as well have hired back that other former afternoon individual . . .sheeeesh! He was pure drivel.

    It is a good day once again to listen to WTIC and listen to some intelligent analysis of the world's events.

    Welcome back, Jim! You were sorely missed. Welcome back!!!!!

  5. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Congratulations Jim,

    You have no idea how much this means to me and all your listeners.   I was hoping and praying that the station would see a drop-off in audience numbers and advertisers and would come begging.  I hope that's the way it was.  Keep up the good work.  The state and country need you.  Nancy

  6. enemyofthestate
    enemyofthestate says:

    Jim, best news I've had in along time.  Does Obama know?  He better start ducking.  "Incoming, Incoming" – as  Radar from M*A*S*H used to say.  Not promoting no violence, now.

  7. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    What wonderful news!!!

    Once again CT residents have a voice in local, state and federal news and connections.  We live in a global society – we are all interconnected.  Glad to have you back.  No one else provides news – just opinions.  Ray must be happy as well.  🙂

  8. assisder
    assisder says:


    Congratulations! I was extremely sad when I heard that you were leaving because you are the only voice of reason in Connecticut. Thanks for coming back and let's continue to fight the battle against Progressivism in Washington.

  9. ali-t
    ali-t says:

    HOORAY!!!!!  HIP HIP HOORAY!  Now I can hear Jim in the car again, thank God!  Let freedom ring!  WOOT WOOT! (can you tell I'm just a tad excited?).  RadioViceGirlz are BAAAACK!! On the radio, and in da heezy.  Thanks for hanging tough, Jim!!!!!!  And thanks to the SOS for keeping us informed as well.  Our Senators may not read the legislation they are signing, but the SOS does, an keeps them all accountable.  You cannot get this kind of information ANYWHERE ELSE…  yippee you're back Jim!!!!

  10. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:


    Capitolism is still alive in America.  I forwarded news of your return to my Conn. address book.  JimVwill be back  in the car for those of us whose capitalistic endeavors involve being mobile.  The Radio Blog might be nice to keep for those who miss your show live….just a thought, contracts, et.al.

    I truly hope this is everything you want Jim.  The past few weeks of WTIC "infills"  have proven your worth.  Congratulations!  Welcome Back.

  11. Heather
    Heather says:

    Woo hoo!  This is great news!!  Wow, this in addition to some other good news this weekend.  I am smiling ear to ear!  Jim – can't wait to tune in tomorrow!

  12. AmandaK
    AmandaK says:

    Yes!!!!!!!! Congratulations Jim! Can't wait to listen in tomorrow. Does this mean you and the crew will be able to afford M&Ms ????

  13. granny
    granny says:

    Dear Jim,

    This is the best news ever !!!  Good things do come to those who wait.   We have missed you and cannot wait until 9:00 AM tomorrow.   We need you to keep telling us the truth and showing us the way in these troubled times.    We are soooo excited that "our" Jim is back !!!!!!

    Love you Jim and God Bless !!!



  14. Delta
    Delta says:

    I'll miss the cozy little corner of the Internet you held but it's good to see you got back on WTIC, hopefully I'll be able to tune in, any chance you or they will still have some sort of podcast copy of the show each day? I often have to pull my headphones out to take calls at work and miss good stuff, I loved having the podcasts to listen to later in the day.

    • zaphod77
      zaphod77 says:

      I'm also hoping for a podcast. I rarely can listen to the show live. The podcasts have been a real blessing for me.

      Oh, and welcome back, Jim! It's truly wonderful to have you back on the air.

  15. MaryinEllington
    MaryinEllington says:

    Awesome!? Wonderful!? Fantastic news!? I am sooooo excited and so happy for you Jim!? Now my mornings?will be complete again!? You are the BEST!!!!?

  16. TD1945
    TD1945 says:

    Great news….nobody does it better than you Jim.  Looking forward to hearing you on the radio again!  Congratulations….

  17. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Jim, welcome back…..it's been a long time coming.  I'm so happy for you!!!  As a Christian I worked in Pediatrics in Simsbury and you will never no the prayers that went up for you and it is so good to see you again!

  18. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Happy for you and your US listeners, Jim.  Not happy for me as cbs radio has stopped international radio streaming!!!  Heard you better in Europe when you were doing your own thing.  Oh well, sacrifices for the common good!!!

  19. OkieJim
    OkieJim says:

    Unemployed no more!! Good things happen to good people, Jim. Keep up the good fight.

    It's nice to know that even the (seemingly clueless, at times) management at TIC can see the light.

    Good for you! Good for us!

  20. pauldow
    pauldow says:

    Gee, I would have thought Jim was going to do an arena show tour and then start a new show on TBS in the fall after contract negotiations fell through.

  21. AJ
    AJ says:

    Welcome back Jim. God bless you. My husband and I are thrilled that you're back. When I turned on the radio just to see who was hosting this morning, suddenly I heard the music and thought "that sounds like Jim's music" and then I heard your voice. I was in disbelief, and so elated to hear you.  My husband called home on his way to work and said "JIM VICEVICH IS BACK ON". We sounded like a couple of kids having a celebration, and we were laughing and so excited. TODAY IS THE BEGINNING OF A WHOLE NEW PLAIN WITH YOU BACK, JIM.  YOU HAVE MADE OUR DAY !!!!!

  22. Trawlerowner
    Trawlerowner says:

    Welcome back Jim! We listened on the internet occasionally but it is so great to have you back on WTIC. God Bless you & a huge thanks to CBS-WTIC for "seeing the light". When Sebastion was on the first day, we turned off the radio & notified WTIC that they had lost us if that was what they were falling to!!! He may be a very nice man but…his drivel got to be too much to us oldtimers. The other fill-ins were fine. Prayers for a long term on the radio. "No rookies"  wanted!!

  23. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Holy Moley!  What a roller coaster ride!  I would like to think my email broke the camel's back on this one!


    I was getting a hint of this last week when they called it "Sound Off CT" with some guest host…

  24. just sayin
    just sayin says:

    With apologies to George Harrison, "Little darlin' ooo, we've been some long, cold, lonely listeners.  Little darlin', ooo, it's been so long since you've been here.  Here comes our sun, m-m-m-m-m, here comes our sun.  And I say, it's all right…"

    Anyway, a confession:

    Jim's absence made all the more clear that he is in a major league all his own, and we are blessed.  From A to Z, Jim offers his unique blend of communication and knowledge to inform us, to get us thinking, to inspire us.  I, and those I have turned-on to Jim, owe him much for our personal awakening.  While listening on-line is a positive option, it is not as convenient as my terra wave, so regretfully, I didn't listen as often as I would have liked.  And while I stayed in-touch through the postings, I felt my strength, and feared that the life of our mission, was being drained away.

    And so, "I worried…"  So with apologies to Joni Mitchell, "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone.  They pulled JV and they put in a parking lot."  (Sorry subs; it just wasn't the same without JV.)

    As Jim thanked everyone today, I had a humbling revelation.  Many others had done their part to voice their displeasure and express our need to TIC, and likewise, they sent their words of support to Jim while I sat back and cried in my soup for my (and our) loss.

    It was sobering to realize that I was one of those very American citizens that I have been critical of who do squat to affect a positive change and uphold the founding premise of our sacred nation.  Despite voicing our passion to anyone who will listen to us, I suspect too many American citizens operate from a defeatist base.  Is it that it simply does not occur to us that there are certain channels to galvanize our power and affect healthy, constructive change to our way of thinking?  Or is it that we abdicate our responsibility, and trust others to represent us?  Or rather is it that we complain, but not to those who can affect the change we desire?  Or do we perhaps complain to those that can, but with a half-heartedness, an intimidation, or with tardiness?  The lesson to always remember is that there is a danger when we do nothing or speak without passion, and that in our failure to do act, we actually embolden and empower those having the bigger voice or who wield the power.

    I am grateful to everyone who did my work in helping to make this a very happy day!  I hope I do better (and more) from now on.  Welcome home, Jim.  Stay healthy.

  25. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    Yeehah!  Congrats Jim!  Without your show/audeince the 9am-noon timeslot must have hit the wall (advertising wise)  – I kind of figured this might happen and glad that it did!

  26. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Gosh and I had just removed WTIC from my fav's.    Soooooooooooo good to have you back.  The blog worked and I would have followed you in any medium but I'm thrilled for all of us who listen to you from the car radio.  We all win this way.   Count me happy!

  27. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Not only is Jim back, and I have been following since the first day, but today I can finally figure out how to comment! My day is made!

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