Virginia Attorney General on Obamacare: The end of federalism

The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as I have found most Virginia politicians are, is a very sober, thoughtful, and conservative thinker. So when Ken Cuccinelli says Obamacare not only infringes on both personal and states rights but endangers the very freedom of Americans on so many other issues, you better take note.

Yesterday, as the SOS noted (please read for background), the Federal Court District allowed Virginia’s lawsuit to stop Obamacare to go forward on four main grounds. Among them are the law may indeed overreach and may indeed harm Virginia. But the one that was most interesting is the Court’s decision regarding regarding Obamacare and the commerce clause and the Fed’s ability to regulate “repose”. Repose? Last night on Fox Gretta interviewed the Virginia AG. Listen closely. Then follow all the way to the end for the AG’s money line. Gulp!


I think Virginia wins this case and so do the other states that have joined Florida. Based on what Cuccinelli told Gretta … they had better. Comments, questions?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    From a government of limited powers, as enumerated by the Constitution, to a government of unlimited powers, as enumerated by Øbama, Reid and Pelosi.   (The new "asses of evil"?  per Teresa Heinz Kerry)


    As the power of government and politicians increases, the greatness of the U.S. decreases.

  2. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    America will decrease in power and its status as the greatest nation in the world to a new low level ever expected by our founding fathers. It is a disgrace that such people as are in Washington have been given the power and ability to take America this far down. Why is it that it has taken all of this, and more to come, before Americans began to wake up, sit up and stand up?

    Is it too late? I believe nothing is impossible and if our founding fathers had the ability to do it and did it then we should at least have the ability to keep it. We do not have to create a new Declaration of Independence, we need only to read it and act upon it; we do not need a new Constitution, we need only to read it and act upon it. We do need to fight for our freedoms and win the war against those trying to take it away.

    No more Mr. Nice guy – let us all be like VA. and be very proactive regarding our fight for restoration of America.

  3. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    The outcome of this will truly have a huge impact on our government as we know it…Thank you for staying on top of it and posting regularly.

    The only number I've been able to find is that "more than a dozen states" are challenging the bill.  I would LOVE to know what states those are, and I would love to know why the other 30+ states (or more like 40+ if you're Obama and think there are 57 total) are sitting on their heels and allowing their constituents (i.e. CT) to be bulldozed by such a constitutionally questionable bill. 

    WHY aren't more states fighting this fight is what I'd like to know, Jim?  What's in it for the states that DON'T take this on?  There's gotta be something…some kinda huge pay-off.  Also, another question:  is this health care debacle in any way related to illegal immigration (as far as Obamagenda goes)?  If the federal government can make supremacy claim with illegal immigration, will they be able to do the same with states fighting health care now?  Probably a stupid question, but I'm curious as to whether it's all interconnected in some bizarro way.

  4. Ellyon
    Ellyon says:

    Where is our A.G. in all of this? He sues everyone else why not over Obamacare? He is out fighting another war somewhere I guess, or maybe kissing Obama's rear end.

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