Update: Hartford city council approves sanctuary city ordinance

The open borders advocates – who not only welcome illegal aliens but encourage them to steal public services – have almost won another battle. The Hartford City Council passed an ordinance last night – written about last month here at Conservative247 – that bars the Hartford Police Department from inquiring about immigration status.

I say almost won since Hartford’s mayor, Eddie Perez, has not signed the ordinance into law yet. There is still time to get your point of view heard.

It’s amazing that nobody in Hartford is complaining about the cities new sanctuary-for-illegals policy direction. For certain, The Hartford Courant wants to avoid all conflicts when it comes to this story. Both of their articles (today and July 22) had the comments section turned off. Don’t want those bigots posting nasty things about undocumented workers do we?

The city council staked its ground Monday in the immigration debate, unanimously approving an ordinance that bars police from inquiring about immigration status.

The ordinance, if signed by Mayor Eddie Perez, would prevent police from arresting or detaining anyone solely because immigration authorities had issued an administrative warrant for them, which is a civil matter.

The ordinance also prohibits other city employees from asking anyone seeking services about their immigration status.

Councilman Pedro E. Segarra called the decision “bold and courageous” and said he was impressed by the dozens of people in the city who spoke in favor of the proposal at a public hearing last month. There was no opposition.

Segarra said he did not support illegal immigration, but had to respond to the needs of people living in the city. He said that opponents who contacted him since the proposal received media attention lived in the suburbs or as far away as Texas.

“My responsibility as a council person is to the residents of Hartford,” he said. “I’m not responsible for securing our borders. I’m not responsible for issuing visas.”

Although Perez has said he supports the concept behind the ordinance, it is not clear whether he will sign it.

Segarra is off-base on this one. He plays both sides of the issue – quite well – by stating that he does not support illegal immigration but at the same time demands that the HPD ignores illegal activity. He also mentions that there was no opposition to the ordinance. Yeah. Right.

Okay. Last chance. Contact the mayor’s office and complain. Be nice. There is no direct e-mail for the mayor, but you can try the e-mail address and/or phone number listed below.

Mayor’s Office
550 Main St.
2nd Floor, Room 200
Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 543-8500
[email protected]

If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, you can read my previous post and check out the links to The Hartford Courant articles above.

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  1. Dawn Bauernfeind
    Dawn Bauernfeind says:

    This is enough to make me want to vomit.  I believe any city that calls itself a "sanctuary city" should have ALL government funding stopped immediately.  Aren't there ANY politicians out there who care about US, the hardworking true Americans?  What are we going to do when we lose our job, house, etc., and the list goes on and on.  Who's going to pay all their welfare?  Stop all illegal immigration immediately!!!

  2. Jay
    Jay says:

    I'm from Connecticut.  I've lived here all my life.  Hartford is SOOOOOOO screwed up.  Check out this article:


    You would think Hartford was Detroit or Washington DC.  Not a city with just over 100,000 people.  Hartford is a small city that has big city problems. 

    As far as illegal immigration goes, a sanctuary city does not make sense.  If it's illegal, how can there be any sanctuary anywhere!!!  I'm not one for big government, but Hartford (and some other cities) are so F-ed up on this issue that the state and even federal governments need to step in to defend the laws of the land and the sovereignty (spelling?) of the United States.

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