Union Thuggery 101: and you thought kids didn’t learn anything in college

Given how much college costs most parents today, I can understand if they complain about their children taking courses that have little application in the real world. Well fear not my little mobsters, here’s a course your kids can use right out of school. Let’s just give this course a subheading of “ how to use violence to intimidate your nonsocialist friends”.

This little gem of the video comes to us from Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website. The University of Missouri, St. Louis and Kansas City campuses sponsored two college courses  on labor studies. they were taught through a video conference between the two campuses and what you were about to see is a portion of that video conference. want some highlights? How about violence is a tactic. Or industrial sabotage has its place. Who would teach such things to University of Missouri students?

The Professors are Judy Ancel, Director of Labor Studies at UMKC and  Don Giljum, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers at Ameren UE in St. Louis. (Bonus: he is a member of the Communist Party.)


The lefties are in firm control of our educational system my little mobsters. And you have a pretty good idea from this video what the future holds. I wonder how that business management curriculum is coming along at the University of Missouri?

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  1. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    And Obama wants to turn a college education into an entitlement for Americans and illegal aliens too- that would be job security for B. Hussein Obama!

  2. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    I have twins graduating?HS this year and?going off to higher education in the fall. To the dismay of his mother, one is off to military college for an engineering degree and a commision in the air force. No worries there. The other is persuing the humanities and probably law school. I have let it be known that my biggest fear for?him, the one that keeps me up at night,?is the liberal environment he will be surrounded by at college. He assures me that he will be able to adhere to his principles, but when I see crap like this, I can’t help but be worried.?
    My advice, for what it’s worth, is to be active and involved in thier lives and?review carefully the?curriculums at the schools they show interest in. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to do what my son did….eliminate all the Ivy leagues right off the bat.

    • BEA
      BEA says:

      Congrats GdavidH…you and your wife must be very proud of your sons!
      I understand your fear…after spending their early years in private school I brought my 3 home to “home school” them (5 years). It was wonderful! With their input, I?chose?the curriculum (faith based),?we got to attend the 1st Tea Party,?and?when we were in the car?and?Jim (or Rush) was on?we were listening.
      This past year it was decided that the younger 2 would go to the public hs (my eldest wanted to finish out her senior yr at home).? There have been a few issues, but I’m trying to stay on top of it.
      When looking at colleges there were only 2 schools my senior seriously considered: CCSU?(because my hubby and I both attended) and a small Christian college in Mass. Since she really wanted to be?w/ kids and professors who?were like-minded?she did not apply to CCSU (where they have a class called “Fornication 101″…I?kid you not).
      So, we’ll be paying?almost double what we might have paid (almost quadruple if she had commuted), but it’ll will be worth it!

      • GdavidH
        GdavidH says:

        Thanks Bea,
        Our diligence with our boys?is paying off in ways that most people don’t understand. Both my older sister and one of my wife’s sisters home school. My kids go to public school, and will graduate in the top 10%, one is ranked fourth, in their class. They are both gaduating?HS with several college credits. They have participated in?sports, bands, choirs and clubs and have won numerous academic awards. They are only able to attend college by pursuing scholarships and awards. They have been successful in thier?pursuits only because of what they accomplished in HS.
        Unlike our President and a whole lotta kids they will be attending college with, everything they’ve accomplished was earned by them. We only?urged them to do it.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Can any objective look at unions, their members, their credo and their tactics separate them from communism/Marxism etc.?? Just listen to the terminology: collectivism, working class,? class struggle etc.? Watch the constant class envy talk by the Demogogues, I mean, Democrats. ? Nevermind that unions are shrinking and the right to work philosophy is spreading, or that communism has historically never worked.? THEY will get it right this time!
    As one working deep undercover in academia, I can tell you that this mindset is far more prevalent than you would like to believe.? They destroy (or never teach) the capacity for critical thinking in K-12, providing the Marxists at the universities large numbers of useful idiots to shape and mold into good little progressives/statists/socialists/Marxists/Democrats.

  4. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    “Bourgeois” refers to the middle class, does it not?? So, there we have it on video:? our colleges are trying to turn students completely against the class that most of them belong to.? There was even a little parrot in the lecture hall spitting out the word “bourgeoisie” whenever he had the chance.? Most of these kids aren’t capable of critical thought, so now what?? Minds full of mush ripe for the picking by these union/labor thugs who are supposedly “teaching a college course”.
    As a parent, if I had paid for my child to take this class, I would be marching down to the school and demanding a refund…I don’t send my kids to school to be told that violence approved of by socialist professors is okay.? Eventually, someone opposing labor/public sector unions is going to be seriously injured or killed.? Will it qualify as a hate crime?? If committing an act of violence against someone of a different color or different sexual orientation is a crime, why not committing an act of violence against someone whose ideas you refuse to tolerate?
    It’s getting really ugly out there.

  5. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    This is great Jim.? I just watched a video of young capitalist trying to get the students of a university to redistribute their GPA.? Do you really need a 4.0, how about if we give you a 3.5 and give those extra 5 points to someone who hasn’t achieved enough to graduate.? They didn’t think this was a good idea,?? afterall they earned it.?

  6. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Thank God, my kids have graduated from college. Can you imagine sitting in that classroom and being afraid to disagree? Can you imagine writing a paper trying to explain how a union can put GM out of business, unless it is subsidized? This will haunt me today. How did we ever get here and so fast?

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