Uh Oh, Healthcare Bill leads to rift in the RC Church

Editors Note: I owe much of this post to the hard work of Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. He has a specific take on this and it is well worth reading. I am posting on this because it is of great importance to me.

The schism continues grow in the RCC over this very bad healthcare bill. Not surprising in a country where many Catholics have treated their religion like a buffet, or, yes, a cafeteria, where you can pick and choose for yourself what you like and throw the rest in the trash. But when the RC Church is used to push, not just a bad bill, but warp Church dogma and doctrine then as the Anchoress says:

However, it is one thing for a Catholic to be publicly misguided, misinformed, socially maladjusted or even stupid. It’s quite another -and to my way of thinking, a genuinely evil thing- for Catholics to put on a cloak of moral authority by virtue of their church membership, and proceed to spin their deceitful webs while mindfully exploiting her greatest saints and teachings for the expressed (and unbelievably sleazy) promulgation of their legislative propaganda.


As Ed Morrissey correctly points out, she incorrectly invokes St Joseph “The Worker” to help her pass a bill. But that is just ignorance on the Speaker’s part, I hope.

Just as an explanation for non-Catholics, we don’t pray “to” saints to have thembenefit us, or the workers of America, or whatever else we happen to want.  Because we believe that no one in heaven is dead, we ask them to pray with us

But what is more important to Ed, myself, The Anchoress and others, is the way Democrats and social liberals are using the Church in a desperate attempt to pass legislation. A bill by the way that will indeed use Federal funds to pay for abortion (we have gone through this for days; the Hyde Amendment does not and will not apply to the Community Clinics, and subsidies, no matter how many personal checks are written, mean subsidies for abortion), and will likely lead to an expansion of abortion facilities in the future.

Even more disturbing than St. Nancy, who is willing to use the Church to mislead and to promote her abortion expanding bill, are the groups that represent Catholicism, willing to turn their heads away from the babies and church doctrine, in the name of social justice. It is more than confusing to Catholics, it, in my opinion, leads them astray and fosters the belief hat the Church’s position on abortion is a debatable point and it is not.

We talked earlier this week about the Catholic Hospital Association and a group of Nuns called the network and pointed out how the CHA made the point of saying that the goal of social justice outweighed the abortion payment issue at this point.

She “has a major concern on life issues” about the bill, she said, and believes they will require monitoring should the bill become law. But she believes the concerns are adequately addressed by the mechanism to keep abortion coverage apart from the government-regulated health care markets.

Although the “Network” nuns, look more and more like a fraud. But in both cases, these Catholics can do far more damage with this than helping pass the health care bill. The Catholic Medical Association agrees:

The Catholic Medical Association said it agreed with the conclusion of Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, who said these groups “have done a grave disservice to the American Catholic community by undermining the leadership of the nation’s Catholic bishops, sowing confusion among faithful Catholics, and misleading legislators through their support of the Senate bill.”

To the pro-life Catholic leader’s statement, CMA added: “Should this political ploy prove successful in persuading some legislators to vote for this flawed bill, these individuals and groups will have done a grave disservice to human dignity and to the common good of this nation.”

This is an unfortunate and truly disgraceful moment in the American Catholic Church. Life is not a debatable point in the Church. The hospitals and Nuns have put their faith, not in God but in politicians to ensure this money does not fund abortions in America. It is a mistake. It always has been. People who put their trust in man will always be disappointed. Always.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, this DOES NOT SURPRISE ME at all. This is one of the efforts by those who support Obamacare to "divide and conquer" a major Christian community in the USA. Also about the Speaker Pelosi praying to St. Joseph the Worker for help, Speaker Pelosi FORGETS that yesterday was the main feast day of St.Joseph, May 1st is the one for him as the worker. Also I do not think that this great saint would appriciate her efforts to invoke him while promoting a bill that includes funding for abortion. Just a few thoughts.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    "People who put their trust in man will always be disappointed. Always."


    People who put their faith in Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrats will be doomed to serfdom.  Always.


    I bet Pelosi writhes in pain when she enters a chuch or sees a cross….

  3. donh
    donh says:

    Don't realtors bury a statue of St. Joseph when they hope to sell a house? Nancy is after all  selling out the House of Representatives. There is clearly a larger religeous agenda to the healthcare take over. These key votes are intentionally pegged to major Christian Holy days because health deform is  the work of the Devil. The left is  mocking and pulling at the beard of Christ, crowning his head with thorns , turning the cross upside down , making the truth out to be lies and the lies out to be truth. The larger goal of this evil  agenda is to drive religeous people out of medicine all together so that man is no longer made in the image of God . They will be free to conduct whatever experiments they please on human DNA .

  4. donh
    donh says:

    There is now an astonishing escalation of Church Sex stories in the media beginning in early March and exploding in recent days. A key moment in the health debate was CHA sister Keehan endorsing Obamacare . That spark turned a discreet cold war of words on abortion into a public forest fire. The Catholic Bishops immediately followed Keehan with a public condemnation of Obamacare . Now  all you read in the media is SEX and the Church. Talk about corruption. Were these stories surpressed by the global media to blackmail the Church. Keep quiet and stay out of the healthcare debate or else we publish? Are these stories being fanned as a vindictive strategy  to discredit the Church position on abortion, or is it merely a sad and unfortunate coincidence that a sex tape is released in Brazil March 18, sex scandals reported in Germany, Austria,  Ireland , and Switzerland with many of these abuses dating back to 1975 ?????

    • Anne-EH
      Anne-EH says:

      Frankly donh, this does not surprise me at all. Remember that the Catholic Church kept western civilization alive during the dark ages and it is as I said in the first post, a  large Christian community. Plus the old MSM is, like those men who were in tomorrow's, March 21st Sunday morning mass Gospel who wanted Jesus to condemm a woman taken into adultery, when they were sinful themselves should know better themselves but sadly still attack the Church.

      • donh
        donh says:

        Anne I remember when Carol Keehan made her endorsement you said something about BAD TIMING givin it came at same time  as  news of a sex scandal brewing in Germany. I did not know what you were talking about at the time, as I had not heard of the Munich scandal. NOW its all you hear. Plug Church Sex into google and see how many press stories there are dated for March. Brazil sex tape posted to youtube March 17.  Is our CIA being used to gather intel and attack the Church in service to the Devil's agenda…at a time of great suffering in Haiti ?  

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