Too much: Biden takes a nap during “O’s” budget retort

Okay, I can’t take credit for this one either. The hat tip goes to AP at Hot-Air and of course to ABC news for catching Joe “bite me” Biden taking a nappy during the president’s speech’s afternoon. Video under the fold.

The cameras at ABC caught Joe Biden during the portion of the speech were the young president was talking about balancing the budget on the backs of old people or something like that. Apparently Joe had heard before or he had turkey for lunch. Either way I have to admit I did pretty much the same thing. Hey!

Here’s the upside all of this my little mobsters. the president’s budget message apparently is wearing thin on a lot of people, including his own people. Is it me, or is the president become a complete bore?

So what do you think? click the link above at HotAir dizzy what AP thinks.

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