Tone Lōc watch out – Muslim youths not a fan of pop singer Medina

Alright, dig it. A Denmark pop singer held a free concert in a minority community outside of Copenhagen recently and had a few eggs tossed at her near the opening of the free show. Pop star Medina – real name Andrea Fuentealba Valbak – fought back with what seems to be a blistering retort on the mic, and the crowd seemed to agree with her.

From the Copenhagen Post Online. Hat tip Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs.

The perpetrators, reports tabloid B.T., were a gang of between 10 and 20 youngsters between the ages of 14 and 17 all ‘with an immigrant background’.

Their reason for attacking the songstress? Apart from taking exception to Medina’s hot pants and sexually suggestive song lyrics, it appears that the gang were provoked by the singer’s stage name which is also coincidentally the name of the second holiest city in Islam and the burial place of the Prophet Mohammed.

Don’t like her name, what she is wearing or how she sings? Don’t go to the friggin’ concert.

Video here.

[Medina’s] official Facebook page received hundreds of messages of support in the wake of the egg attack, and Medina was also defended by Conservative MP Naser Khader.

In his blog, Khader – who has previously described himself as a moderate Muslim – wrote that ‘he gets just as angry as the singer when a tiny minority of troublemakers with misogynist beliefs use infantile or violent means to highlight their point of view and ruin things for everyone else’.

Yeah … should I say something here? Anyway… on to some Funky Cold Medina! Ton Lōc best watch out for Muslim youths tossing eggs … Pull out an old album or download the MP3… (Adult lyrics excluded…)

Cold coolin at a bar, and I’m lookin for some action
But like Mike Jagger said, I can’t get no satisfaction
The girls are all around, but none of them wanna get with me
My threads are fresh and I’m lookin def, yo, what’s up with L-o-c?
The girls is all jockin at the other end of the bar
Havin drinks with some no-name chump, when they know that I’m the star
So I got up and strolled over to the other side of the cantina
I asked the guy, Why you so fly? he said, Funky Cold Medina

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  1. AMP73
    AMP73 says:

    First – if you do not like a singer, actor, etc, you don't go to see them.  If you are going to see them to make a point you find them offensive, do it outside the concert WITHOUT violence or egg tossing of any kind.  It is hard for the average citizen to look at a Muslim today as anything but extreme or violent, because all we see in the news are these "crazy" individuals.  I would say these youths are doing their religion a disservice, but as I sit here thinking about it all I can come up with is that they are going to be yet another group of extreme that take their religion and twist it into nothing that it should be.  History and the present sometimes causes me to half wish there was no religion – it is religion that has fueled so many conflicts throughout history.  But then again, maybe it truly is just human nature to be this way to each other.

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