To Tax Or Not To Tax

Frequent caller and loyal listener Helen read a poem, written by her 17 year old son, that I thought did a better job of summing of the problem in Washington than Congress does understanding it. If our representatives had any guts they would read it too. But my guess is our local reps will just stick their fingers in their ears like children. After all, we’re all just a bunch of gap toothed, PBR swillin’, alt country music listening, bible thumping, gun toting, dweebs. What do we know. Enjoy!

To tax or not to tax, THAT is the question.

Whether ’tis better to suffer the slings of large government, of debt unleashed,

Or whether ’tis better to let citizens go uninsured?

Is it better to shoulder a healthcare plan of epic proportions?

And to assume that cost, into our debt and into our taxes?

Or is it better to not redefine healthcare, at lower cost of money,

But at higher cost of civilian pride?

Should we give this power to the government?

Or should we fight to keep it away?

O government ! You come with tidings of freedom and joy,

Yet are flawed by s system of taxation ! !

Is it better to suffer these pains, that they may protect us ? Our rights? Our freedoms?

Or ’tis better to reject? To refuse? To not feed the system?

Is it better for us to be taxed?

Or to be taxed to make it better for us?


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