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With the much anticipated release of the Supreme Courts Ruling on Obama-Care and while surfing the web last night while watching television,  I stumbled upon an article entitled “Three Reasons The Supreme Court Should Overturn Obama-Care’s Individual Mandate”.

David Whelan, Contributor to Forbes , had an article on three simple reasons as to why the
Supreme Court should rule against The Affordable Health Care Act.
Obama-Care Is Intrusive

You probably know that the bill forces you to buy insurance or pay a $700 penalty. The penalty is $2,000 (per worker) for a company that doesn’t offer employees a plan. The bill also dictates what kind of insurance you must buy. You have to buy expensive first-dollar coverage for virtually everything–even if you’re young and healthy. Let’s say you don’t want to insure yourself against the possibility of needing drug rehab. Or you’d rather pay for primary care out of pocket and just insure against an expensive hospital stay. You don’t have those options. The bill will also intrude into your benefits at work. ObamaCare encourages your employer, in some cases, to withdraw insurance in favor of pushing you into a government run exchange where you will likely have to fend for yourself.

Obama-Care Is Unaffordable While Not Achieving Its Own Objectives

Last year we had a $1.3 trillion budget deficit. This year it falls to $1 trillion but the federal government will spend 31% more than it takes in. That was without ObamaCare. Given the likely to never-be-enacted Medicare cuts andother financial contortions that were used to score health reform’s future deficit effects–coupled with our country’s inability to otherwise raise revenue–we’re digging ourselves into a major hole. Meanwhile, the bill will still leave 25 million uninsured, fails to control aggregate health spending in any meaningful way, and raises private health premiums substantially.

Obama Care Will Politicize The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Since the health care exchanges will be run at the state level, specific decisions about what health insurance covers and doesn’t cover will be made in reaction to lobbyists representing various medical industries, patient groups, political causes, and so forth. The lamentable birth control debate was only the first round. Get ready for California to ban circumcisions but cover New Age healing, for the Deep South to impose the abortion debate on top of its health exchanges, and for more liberal, spendy states to mandate that insurance cover anything and everything. And if that’s not enough mixing of politics and health care, there’s always the IPAB. The federal independent payment advisory board will get to decide when to block coverage for certain medical procedures deemed either unproven or too expensive. Then, Congress will rush to the rescue, aided by lobbyists. Left behind in all this are patients and doctors, who will rapidly lose control of their health care decision-making ability to a group of strangers.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Great.? Politically correct medicine.? Maybe our own form of the “Liverpool Care Pathway” as instituted in Great Britain (a long trip off a short pier for elderly patients; look it up)?? Will I now have to support transgender surgeries?? Has anyone asked any of those fools that wrote/supported this farce what their qualifications were/are for writing this crappy legislation?? My doctor doesn’t like it, why should I?? And he should know!
    Like I keep saying, you can have health care good, cheap or universal; pick any two.

    • JBS
      JBS says:

      Democrats wrote the healthcare bill. Along with a whole bunch of staffer-type lawyers. They care, so that alone should be good enough for us pedestrians. They know better.

  2. JBS
    JBS says:

    As I understand the healthcare bill,The Elite, who populate the upper reaches of the government and what passes for high society (CongressCritters, the wealthy, actors, hedge fund managers, etc.) will have their own, special, exclusive coverage. With private doctors to minister to their maladies and perform facelifts, liposuction and dental implants (to keep that perfect smile), the favored elite and the political class won’t have to mingle with the hoi polloi.
    We, the commoners, will be treated at clinics burdened to breaking, seen by exhausted healthcare workers, administered lowest-bidder generic drugs — when available — and wait for months to see an experienced specialist.

  3. jesichashope
    jesichashope says:

    Many countries that have universal health care do so with good results. Those like the UK, got it all wrong due mostly to the over run social welfare programs that burden the system to a point where there will soon be no more money in the pot to pay for anything.? In such countries taxation is so high, it would be best to forget taxes take all the laborers income and give them back a few pennies. Health care there deems those unworthy to give to society, unworthy to live or have life saving care. This practice is accepted by the people as a normal way of life; completely brainwashed and enslaved by the system,
    While we turn and look at other countries, small on the totem pole, like Panama, such countries have universal health care; paying a small percentage depending on your income, or none if so designated; going to clinics and state hospitals; others pay for insurance privately and acquire care at private doctors and hospitals. What sets these countries apart is there are no law suits going on; no unnecessary high liability costs, hence lower costs; furthermore, people are encouraged to stay healthy, with fewer frivolous visits. This practice holds true for many universal health countries.
    What we do not…

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