The “Shoe” Is On The Other Foot Now

They were burning Obama’s picture in effigy today in Iran. Normally you might say … “Welcome to George Bush’s world.” But don’t worry … Christiane Amanpou assures us it’s not like Bush … the world really loves Obama. But watch to the end. She says Obama must be careful lest he support Israel the way W did. Oh brother.


This might the part of the speech that had Iranians a bit peeved.


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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    I think the kind of change the Islamic world hopes Obama will bring to our foreign policy is one in which he names an ambassador to Palestine instead of Israel.

  2. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:

    I had a hard time with the Campbell Brown-Christiane Amanpour piece since every few seconds the words, "No bias, no bull" appeared in large print on the screen.   Is this message true or is it some form of semi-subliminal message intended to change the mind of the viewer.  In any event, I don't see how Ms. Amanpour could reach her conclusion since Iran's government typically does not officially sanction such anti-U.S. rallies, even in President Bush's earliest days.  Perhaps the pictures of President Obama were smaller than those of President Bush or that the fires set by the protestors burned more slowly.

    With Hillary Clinton officially on board with President Obama as Secretary of State, we will see where   the policy towards the middle east, especially Israel, drifts.  President Clinton seemed to be more pro-Palesininan during his administration and his post-presidency pockets have been lined far more by those same parties.   While she was Senator Clinton from New York, it was to her benefit to to take a different tack due to the very large Jewish population in her state.  However, she no longer will need the support of this important voting block, even if she decides (someday) to run for President.

    President Obama should think very, very carefully before making any kinds of dramatic changes in policy towards Israel or the other countries in this region.

  3. Scherny
    Scherny says:

    C Amapour is little more than a cheerleader for anti-America and anti-freedom.

    The Palestinians are boxed in by Israel and Muslim nations.  Arab countries that refuse to open their boarders.  If the Palestinian leaders declare they want to eliminate Israel why should Israel assist them?  However, if their bordering neighbors want to help them why don't they open their boarders?

    We have invested in securing the forward deployment of troops in the only area in the region that we can have bases to protect freedom and democracy as we know it today.  The Eurpoeans have destroyed NATO and we must respect Turkey.  Our assets have not proven themselves at sea and we cannot wait until a crisis to establish ourselves in the region  US bases in Iraq are a necessity.  What lessons have we learned since WWII?  When the current unstable regims fail in the region we cannot be left unprepared should radical elements take power.  Europe has always been short sighted and we have bailed them out since 1917.

  4. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    Was this the reason Obama listed the following:  "Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and non-believers"?

    We live in a Judeo-Christian country.  Most Bibles contain both the old and the new Testaments.  Obama's order terrified me when I heard it.  He also ignored Buddhists. I think it sent a message that will be detrimental in the future.

    There's been so much posted about the lies and fauxtography that appear in our media.  It supports Hamas.  Perception creates reality – as Father Valentine used to say.  As well as One Percives According to Ones Needs"  The media has used these ideas well.

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