The President’s announcement: Bin Laden Dead

Just for posterity … here’s his entire address to the nation that came at about 11:30. The President gives “W” a few props. That’s change. Congrats to the Navy Seals and all of our service people who laid the ground work.

Here you go …


And lest I forget, congrats to the intelligence effort that began at …. wait for it … GITMO.

In September 2010, the CIA presented Obama with a set of assessments that indicated bin Laden could be hiding in a compound in northwest Pakistan. Starting in mid-March, the president convened at least nine National Security Council meetings to discuss the intelligence suggesting bin Laden may be hiding out virtually in plain sight.

The CIA developed their theory through leads from individuals in bin Laden’s inner circle and other captured fighters following Sept. 11. Intelligence officials were repeatedly told about one courier working for bin Laden, as someone that America’s Most Wanted Man deeply trusted.

The detainees provided U.S. officials the courier’s nickname, and identified him as protégé of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and a trusted assistant of Abu Faraj al Libbi, once al-Qaida’s third highest ranking official. (He was captured in 2005).

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  1. momforamerica
    momforamerica says:

    Now all of a sudden this war’s OK according to Ovomit. He had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, and we all knew about it HOURS before he went on TV. His appearance is NULL and VOID. You had NOTHING to do with it, Obama. Get off my TV during my shows you POS.

    • mystery machine
      mystery machine says:

      Is that you?? My you’ve gotten so bitter since ’08, I wonder why?? Are you sure this is the appropriate response to offing our enemy number 1?? Calling Obama a POS?? Really??? I think the POS was the one shot in the head.? You must get over your hatred.? You can call him all the names you want, but unless y’all mount a decent candidate, you’ll be calling him president until 2016.
      Maybe you’d rather have caught the last minutes of Celebrity Apprentice to see if Meat Loaf or Star Jones got fired, but I was for happy to hear some good news from the front of the [far too long] War on Terror for a CHANGE.

  2. vmax944
    vmax944 says:

    Obama Justice Dept. has quashed efforts by US attorney’s in Dallas and Alexandria to indict top Cair officials along with senior leaders of other Islamist groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I find it hard to believe this administration considers the killing of Bin Laden anything more than? political advantage.

  3. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    I have to admit that when I was waiting for him to speak last night I told my two oldest kids that it would take him until 10 seconds in to take all the credit and make it sound as if he remotely pulled the trigger somehow. Normally when he is coming on TV to speak, I turn the channel. Not this time.?I was very impressed with the president’s speach, finally. He sounded more American than I have ever heard him.

  4. Brainaxe
    Brainaxe says:

    Osama Bin Laden’s body was eliminated from existence FASTER and MORE COMPLETELY than Jimmy Hoffa’s!!!!
    Evidence is a funny thing when it’s GONE!!!

    • phil
      phil says:

      What are the odds that a canvas bag og pork chops and bacon were dumped overboard, and Raghead’s corpse is resting in a cooler at Langley?? Just askin’,? cuz that’s what I’d do.

  5. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    Obama is taking care of #1.? If his poll numbers get bad enough, he’ll turn on CAIR, Black Panthers…? Even his “One nation under God…” line was mouthed to curry favor with the middle at the expense of the left- whom he owns in the next election. ? I doubt there was much fear of a Iran hostage or Somalia type backfire for Obama… Our military has urban assault and weather predictions down to a science, and Osama was probably lulled into complacency after 10 years on the lam…? He was hitting the ignore button on his alarm system while polishing his weapon or playing socom with his kids…? I sure feel foolish questioning his birth cert while he was busy greasing OBL & going on Oprah :..(

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