The opposition we need: Doctor Zero speaks on thuggery and the silence of the left

In a stunning piece of video, the head of the AFL/CIO just could not bring himself to condemn the violence and thuggery by union members, not just in Wisconsin, but the threats by PUEs in Boston and Providence. Writes John Hayward (formerly Hot Air’s Dr’ Zero) “We have no use for a Democrat Party which indulges hatred and violence from one of its most powerful constituencies.” Click to read 

First watch and be as disgusted as I was as AFL/CIO Chief Richard Trumka avoids David Gregory’s question. “Don’t you condemn these slurs?” Instead what we hear is a call for negotiation. In other words, if you do what we say you won’t get these threats. Classic.


We have detailed many times the thuggery on the line. But if you are looking for video proof, Michelle Malkin has it all, here and here and here and here. Our friend John Hayward has a few choice words as well and worth reading it all.

Public unions organized nationwide protests over the weekend, with poor attendance everywhere but Madison.  They called it the “Rally to Save the American Dream.” America doesn’t need an opposition that thinks the “American Dream” equals endless servitude to the State, whose lavishly compensated employees will squeeze until the private sector breaks… and then squeeze some more, refusing to give an inch even as state treasuries are emptied to the last nickel.

We don’t need an opposition that thinks collective bargaining by public employees is a “right” more fundamental than any taxpayer’s “right” to keep a dollar of his earnings.  We don’t want to hear that the spoils of collective bargaining are eternal commitments that transcend democracy itself.  Transforming the relationship between citizens and the government is an ongoing project of the Democrat Party.  Why should we accept the relationship between the government and public unions as chiseled in stone, immune to adjustment even when the system goes bankrupt?  Why are fifty year old collective bargaining privileges more permanent than Constitutional rights which date back over two centuries?  Are we supposed to believe the State can make unlimited demands of its citizens, but must negotiate carefully with its employees?

John was hired away from Hot Air for a reason. It is his reason. He speaks the real truth to power and he should be on your must read list. Check out Human Events regularly.


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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Not surprised Jim, when it comes to the MSM, and the left in general, there is a double standard. When it comes to the tea party, they will rant on about tea partiers being dangerous and threatening mob the MSM will always condemmed them all the time. 

    But when it comes to union thugs, all we get from the MSM is CRICKETS. HEAR THE CHIRPING SOUND?

  2. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    The sad thing is we saw the same kind of Union thuggery at the Linda McMahon and now Senator Richard Blumenthal debate in New London. If anyone thinks, our little blue state of Connecticut is going to escape the Union thuggery when they are asked to give up one single dime, than just watch out! I want to see Gov. Malloy talk with bravado on Neil Cavuto after his little closed door meeting today!

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