Ted Koppel: Libya has won this year’s humanitarian sweepstakes

Sounds funny but not and it’s a great point. If Libya can get “protection” by our military … why not Syria, or Iran, or China? The nation is in the best of hands.

Yesterday both David Gregory and Ted Koppel asked the fundamental question … Libya today, but who is next? As Koppel outlined for Gregory … If this is the new Obama doctrine, then there’s no limit to the number of interventions for our US military.


And as for whether this is a short war, even Bob Woodward said Obama can’t play Libya like it’s some kind of videogame.  War is long and oddly and there has to be an endgame.


I just can’t wait for tonight’s speech and to hear the young president’s rationale for intervening in Libya.

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  1. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    Out intellectual O (who has no foreign policy and never did) has painted himself into a corner. By intervening in Libya he has emboldened the disaffected in other countries – its kind of like being the producer of "Islamic Idol". Who will be the next winner!!!! – wait, no one? OK fine, we'll join a terrorist cell and chip away at the Great Satan.  LOSE – LOSE.

  2. ebh
    ebh says:

    sect'y Clinton puts  a higher value on people killed by airplane gunners and bomber, than killed by solders while on foot; else Congo hatchet murders would have brought the wrath of Obama before Libya… 

    maybe the whole world is made up of terrorist! or blood trusty or wracked out people

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