Obama won’t lose black vote “no matter what he does”

How do black Americans – and keep in mind it’s the liberals and main stream media that are fixated on dividing by race – feel about Van Jones stating “President Obama is not going to lose the black vote no matter what he does.”

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Three Cheers For “The Sewer”

Well that disgusting cesspool of pajama clad reporters has done it again. No, not drive another administration official from office, or kill another overbearing, budget busting, border bashing bill. Although those sewer drenched on-line reporters have done all that and more.

No, once again those whacky pj kids (keep in mind the vast majority are professionals, lawyers, doctors,professors, former journalists) have once again done the work the main stream media either would not, could not or simply chose not to do.


The Van Jones story is just the latest example. Bloggers like Jim Hoft at Gateway, NY Times best selling author Michelle Malkin and respected on-line journalist Ed Morrissey, had been digging into the Van Jones story for weeks, and in Michelle Malkin’s case … months. Even RVO did a round-up Saturday morning,

Hard working and thorough, each charge was researched, sourced, and referenced so that any reader, and any newspaper for that matter, could easily track back to original sources and decide for themselves the veracity of the reporting.

And so, as was the case on Meet The Press on Sunday, red faced and utterly embarrassed main stream elites, coated in egg for failing to report any details whatsoever on Mr Jones, were reduced to attacking the messengers rather than applauding the message and the methods used by these fine journalists in uncovering the sketchy radical past of this one time Marxist revolutionary turned 9-11 truther.  Here is just a small portion of what noted author Tom Friedman had to say. Sounding bitter and angry, he bellowed like a spoiled child who just discovered he’s not so “special” after all.


Ironically, while conservative bloggers were taking hits in the MSM Sunday for digging up information on White House Advisor Jones most recent past, the MSM was reporting nothing. Well not nothing. The esteemed Washington Post, which apparently saw nothing worth reporting on a publicly profanity lacing, Marxist, 9-11 truther in the White House,  did find a 20 year old masters thesis by the Republican Virginia Gubernatorial candidate  worthy of 2 front page stories. Hmmm.

But whether its being the first to expose the unwieldy nature of the health care and immigration legislation, simply by reading and sourcing it, or the first to bring to the public’s attention the unwieldy and unvetted “czarapalooza” going on at the White House, the conservative and libertarian bloggers continue to school the main stream media on real journalism. The type of journalism newspapers and TV stations used to do. Instead the MSM have chosen to become Obama’s cheerleaders. They have abdicated and these very professional on-line journalists have filled the void.

So when I hear a respected TV anchorman and a best selling author sell these Internet journalists short, when they and their colleagues in the biz did nothing to either refute the story or add to it for that matter, they make themselves look small. Very small. Inconsequential.

I guess I should not have expected much from multimillionaires  who suggest the President raise gasoline prices to $4.00 a gallon, or push overbearing environmental legislation while they themselves live and travel like kings. I should not expect much from these elites but I guess I did, at least a Hat Tip.

A graduate of Boston University’s School of Public Communication with a Masters in Broadcast Journalism, I have been a journalist or commentator for more than 30 years now. I have had my ups and downs and made many a mistake. But I have always made it a point to attribute good ideas to their  authors, and acknowledge great reporting.

The mere fact that the media not only will not cover, but not acknowledge the Van Jones story for what it is … great digging on an important topic, tells me how far these overpaid ‘elites” have fallen. To call them “out of touch” would be kind.

Jones calls it quits at the absolute bottom of the news cycle

Someone asked me about five days ago if I was planning to write anything about Obama’s green jobs adviser Van Jones. My other responsibilities and issues with our “enhanced” Web host was the primary reason why I was not writing, but I also figured he’d be gone by Labor Day. Bye, bye.

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Green job czar Van Jones steps in it again – Update: he’s gone

The hits just keep on coming for Obama’s Green Jobs Czar. Update: he’s gone. Read more