START passes. But are we really safer?

Not really. Reducing nukes I imagine makes a nation safer, if the two who sign on are the only countries with nukes. Inspections make sense, except the Russians have exceptions to some inspections, namely their ground launchers. Swell. But most of all, this is a bad treaty because the Russians believe we must stop development of our missile defense. And that my friends is the rub in this one. Read more

START Treaty … what’s at stake

There’s more at stake here with the passing of the new START treaty than our relationship with Russia and nuclear proliferation. As Fox New analyst Peter Brooks pointed out yesterday, it’s critical to our defense from attacks from emerging powers like Iran and North Korea. But last night I happened across a post over at Black Five I thought you might find interesting. Read more

Russians inspecting US nukes – Did I miss the “we get to inspect their stuff too” part?

I know we’ve been playing this game with the Russians for a long time. We inspect their nukes, they inspect our nukes. We both smile and nod knowingly that we’ve hidden some stuff and chuckle about it. Fox News has the story of a tentative inspection agreement, but I can’t find the part in the story concerning reciprocity.

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