Small business tax breaks…or not

President Obama often speaks about the 18 or so tax breaks for small business that have been passed under his watch.  So, when I saw an article about these tax breaks last week, it peeked my curiosity.  Businesses aren’t taking them.  Why? Read more

The democrats are lying to you…they don’t care about the little guy

Here is yet another example of Democrats kicking the little guy. This time, the evidence comes from Atlanta. Read more

Democrats to small business…we love you…we love you not…

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to advance a bill, pushed by President Obama, that ostensibly is designed to help small business. One key provision of the bill creates “Son of TARP”, a $30 billion fund to encourage small community banks to make loans to small business.  Other provisions give small business $12 billion in tax breaks, and allow them to write off 50% of the cost of new equipment in the year that the equipment is purchased.  That’s the “we love you” part.

Small businesses will need every penny of those loans and tax breaks to pay for the “we love you not” part. Read more

Obama suggests elimination of capital gains – Congress doubles tax to 35%

President Obama on Tuesday suggested a bold move – a complete elimination of the capital gains tax on small business investment for one year. Congress promptly suggested more than doubling the tax from 15 percent to 35 percent effectively classifying these gains as ordinary income.

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Trickle down taxes – Obama plan guarantees increased costs for middle class

Actually, Obama’s plan to increase taxes for those making $250,000 guarantees increased prices for not just the middle class, but everyone else too. Sure, the Mary Kay Cosmetics independent beauty consultant may not make more than $250k, but many small businesses do.

Let’s talk about those families – and small businesses – that make more than Obama’s arbitrary definition of “rich.”

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