Shep Smith on Oklahoma mother who shot home invader

As you may have heard, an 18 year old woman – who had just lost her husband to cancer on Christmas day – was home alone with her three month-old baby when two men were attempting to break into her home. When one of the men broke in, she shot him. Dude was DRT. Fox News anchor Shep Smith actually just asked – in a teaser – if the audience thought she should be charged.

Smith really gets my blood boiling frequently. That’s the most idiotic question you could ask. From CBS News.

Sarah McKinley, 18, reportedly was home alone with her infant son just a week after her husband died of lung cancer, when two men tried to break into her house.

McKinley managed to push the couch to the front door to create a barricade, but that didn’t stop the intruders.

“He was from door to door trying to bust in,” McKinley told CBS affiliate KWTV. “I don’t know what he had in his hand besides the knife. I believe he actually had a hammer in his hand at some point because he was hitting that back door with it.”

McKinley called 911 and was on the phone with the operator during the entire 21 minute ordeal. She even asked the operator if she could shoot the intruder.

There are a few things about the aftermath of this story that bug me, but the one primary issue is the media keeps asking if she did the right thing. Are they kidding? Many anti-gun nuts want us to run away from our own home. Grab the kid and head out an open window to escape. That’s unacceptable in my book. One commenter mentioned that maybe she should have used pepper spray, or build a safe room in her house. Good God.

Then we have the anchors like Smith who explain to us Oklahoma state law allows us to shoot people if they break into your house. Why is this not an absolute given? If the doors are locked and you tell someone to go away and they are trying to forcibly enter the house, guess what?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes … you’ll be DRT (Dead Right There).

I’m not too thrilled the media went out to interview McKinley and had her point a shotgun around. It’s possible the young McKinley pulled out the shotgun for a demonstration on her own initiative, but I’m willing to bet a few dollars the media put her up to that.

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They Did It … Update – Bill Congress for commercials

Talk about Mr Smith goes to Washington. Shep Smith jumped ugly on Congress … and Chris Dodd. It is an amazing performance and worth watching for sure. Enjoy.

Video now up  … sorry about the delay. New software today, still working out the kinks.


He went on to call today’s hearing into the AIG bonuses before the House Financial Services subcommittee a distraction and suggested that Fox bill Congress for all of the needlessly lost commercial time covering the hearings live.

It’s a distraction only if you lose sight of the big picture but well worth reporting, at least the way Shep did today. As we have been saying for two days … Congress is at the heart of this whole bonus boondoggle and the meltdown of Wall Street as well.

Update: Here’s the video of Shep condensing the AIG hearings down to a complete distraction from the banking crisis … and Fox News … “Fox should bill congress.” Enjoy.


What Color Is The Sky In Blagoland

Well you will just have to watch the video to see. This is today’s Shep Smith moment and goes right into the Hall Of Fame vault. Yesterday Fox News covered the Blogjevich press conference live and as the Blagoisms began to pile up … Shep Smith decides enough is enough.

BONUS Video: There’s a great Chris Wallace line at the end too.


There’s Nothing In The Treasury Anyway

Classic Shep Smith. His comments come on the heals of the Obama press conference on Treasury Secretary Nominee Timothy Geithner’s now well documented tax problems. You can watch Obama first here but essentially he dismisses the whole affair as “a mistake.” Well that’s about all Shep Smith can take and if you listen closely it really brings out the Mississippi in him.

But the best comes at the very end when Democrat Party talking head Mary Anne Marsh tries to justify the whole, as Michelle Malkin would say, “crap sandwich” … by saying Geithner is just too smart to lose … the close is sooo Shep.


The man toooooo smaaaaat tooooooo lose … the only one who can save us from our looming economic disaster … figured he didn’t have to file self employment tax. Man, have I been wasting my time at tax time. Clearly Shep agrees.