How about abortion? “That’s the House bill sir.” Update – Choice

This starts out bad for McCaskill, when she attempts to pull a fast and loose one on an audience that knows what its talking about. But she rescues herself at the end. It’s a perfect example of a Senator who finds herself confronted with contituents who have actually read the bill. She thinks she can pull off a fast one … but she gets caught.

But the most discouraging part of this conversation comes at the very end as she explaines the hundreds of amendments to the health care bill that have been added and will be added and there will be no opportunity to any of us to fight back then. None. We are screwed. Take the time to watch the whole thing.


Hope and change!

Update: Arlen Specter got the chance to answer a similar question except he faced a person who had the bill in hand. “Don’t worry, if you don’t want an abortion you won’t have to pay.” Convinced?


The falacy behind this answer of course is that there absolutely no way to seperate the cash in a big Federal pot. You in the public plan … abortion will be paid for.