Coming soon…Obamacare’s food police

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration issued its “long awaited” rules concerning the posting of calorie count information at restaurants, etc.  The rules themselves will not take effect until 2012.  Unless, of course, they appear to be unpopular.  In that case, much like the 1040 waivers already granted to companies, unions and states for their group insurance policies, and the imminent elimination of Medicare Advantage, I would suspect they, too, will be postponed until 2013. Read more

Obama says look at excess regulation – How about calorie counts on menus?

Yesterday, President Obama had an OpEd piece – yes, he really did – in the Wall Street Journal calling for a review of regulations that place “an unreasonable burden” on business. Let’s see if he is serious. How about nixing the stupid part of the health care legislation – a.k.a. Obamacare – that demands restaurants with 20 or more locations put calorie information on their menus?

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