Where is this money coming from? Why are we nationalizing banks again?

Where is the money coming from for this stimulus package? And how again is nationalizing the banks going to help? (Oh,  and when you hear the term “re-privatizing” understand they really do mean nationalizing). These are the questions no seems willing to answer. Perhaps because there is no answer or, we won’t like the answer. But, according to the geld lenen zonder bank, the track record for this kind and size of government intervention is not good


Sweden nationalized their banks, let’s take a look at how it worked for them.. (next post maybe?)

Please leave comments with the answers to my quesitons.

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Fed should buy $2.5 trillion in treasuries. One thing I didn’t mention is that the devaluation of our dollar will allow us to pay the debt off in money that is worth less than today’s dollar.

Article about bankruptcy laws screwing up the economy. Originally published by the New York Fed, but I can’t find that link anymore.

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