RVO housekeeping: Stories from a DNS migration

What the heck happened? Well, we moved the site to a new host about 24 hours ago and since navigating the world of DNS changes is not an easy one for the expert – it does not come with a step-by-step guide – novices are lucky to keep their heads above water.

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New website theme for Radio Vice Online

New theme implemented today, but there are definitely more tweaks needed. Might take a few days to flush everything out so please be patient.

Note the placement of the pages, they are now at the top left of every page. On the home page, the sub-menu under the Radio Vice Online logo provides you with our posts broken up into categories … kind of like your newspaper. We’ve brought back two features people have been asking for.

If you’ve got comments about the new theme, post them below. If you find something broken, you can contact us or post in the comments section below. The 10 most current posts are on the home page under ‘What’s new here?’.

The Newswire is back. It’s not on the homepage, but available with one click from the menu at the very top of every page. Right now, we’re featuring Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Powerline, Instapundit and Big Government.

Facebook Like Button
You can like any post or page on the site. Blogging is all about social networking and we really appreciate it when our readers “like” our content on Facebook – thank you in advance.

E-mail this post
Right next to the author name and publish date, you’ll see we’ve brought back the ability for you to send a post to your friends via e-mail. Many of you don’t do the Twitter or Facebook thing, so this is for you. We do not collect any e-mail addresses during this process.

Bookmark and Promote
Facebook, Twitter and e-mail are the most favored ways to share content, but we’ve also added the ability to share via StumbleUpon, Digg and

We may eventually add a re-Tweet button up at the top of the post, but it’s now at the bottom and of course, you should Follow us on Twitter anyway!

Radio Vice Online top 20 posts for 2010

OK, why not. Got a few of e-mail requests, plus Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air is doing something similar and having some fun. We don’t get nearly the traffic of the big sites, so our top post list can be more easily influenced by Internet phenomenon including the strange entry of popular keywords into search engines.

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The Sound Off computer screen

Just thought I would give you an idea of what computer screen looks like during the show. This is the new MacBook Pro and maybe now you can understand why I needed the 17″ screen. Plus I quadrupled the speed and RAM. Ha. But even with the wide screen it gets a little congested.

Computer screen

I also will download and re-compress videos from You Tube on the fly and that sometimes gets a bit tense. So I am asking the laptop to do an awful lot and the other Mac just couldn’t handle the pressure. Kind like TOTUS, he just bit the dust.

Here’s what I ask the MBP to do. After recording 10 news shows the night before on my iMAC at home, I compress them to iPhone size and transfer them to the MBP. The next morning I start at 6:30 AM reviewing the video and cutting the bites on the MBP using video editing software. Sound levels are adjusted then.Then it’s line up the sound and off we go.

As you can see we run the sound bites (actually videos so I can describe what’s going on a bit better), the music, the web cam, the chat room, e-mail and Internet research from the MBP, and at times hook in the iPhone too, while Mr Joyce is busy running sound levels, commercials, screening phone calls and compressing and cutting the podcasts.

One last little bit of inside baseball. The Mac, for a few years now, has allowed me to operate a number of different screens on the same laptop, called Expose. Imagine four screens, 1 up and 3 sitting out there in the ether. So at times I will move items onto to other screens which I can then switch to with a key stroke It gets a bit crazy and sometimes a little too complex and often I can be too smart by half. But, it works for me most of the time and never freezes, the older MBP not withstanding. Take that Mr Gates. Thank you Apple.

Traffic … thanks to our referrers

We are quickly approaching a year as an all new, revved up, completely redesigned site and it has made a big difference in traffic. It started with WTIC’s webmaster Brian Partridge who, back in October, had the sense to add twitter, chat and live video to the site long before the rest of the world had caught on.

Then in January Steve McGough took over, redesigned the redesign adding categories, a newswire and new bloggers, changed servers three times as traffic kept growing, and then set up relationships with our favorite national blogs. Steve, pretty much by himself, turned RVO into a factor … and on a growing number of occasions (see below) a national factor.

The result is, even with the site down (at least in part and sometimes in whole as we changed servers twice) for the better part of a week … and with vacation days interspersed cutting down on posts …. August turned out to be RVO’s third best month in operation. And so what once was a blog that didn’t do much better than a few hundred visits each month, now routinely draws 70,000 to 100,000 visits each month. That’s small by Hot Air or Instapundit standards … but hey,  RVO has been around less than three years and the redesign less than one.

Much of that can be traced to our referrers. Referring sites sent us 12, 212 visits from 350 sources.

Here’s the list of August’s Top 8.

  1. WTIC News Talk 1080
  2. Free Republic
  3. Michelle Malkin
  4. Google Search
  5. Hot Air
  6. Chatroll
  7. Facebook
  8. Gateway Pundit

Thanks to Michelle, Ed, the Freepers, the RVO chatroom, and Jim at Gateway. Oh yeah, and WTIC and the folks who help me put the show together Joey and Mr. Joyce.

And of course special thanks to Brian’s foresight and Steve’s magnificent skills and talent.

Update: Radio Vice Online site features

Here are some quick tips and information about how you can participate with the Radio Vice Online community. Along with this post, we have a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Updated Feb. 1, 2009

Register to Post Comments
Since we thrive on community participation, you’ll want to register to post comments. Check out our Terms of Use and then register here. Check your e-mail – and your spam filter – for the verification e-mail, verify yourself, and you’re ready to go.

To log in to the site, click on the Log In link at the bottom of any page. Check off the box to remember your username and password if you wish.

If you forgot your password, click here.

To reset your password, first ensure you are logged in and then go here. Scroll down and enter your new password in the New Password section and hit the Update Profile button on the bottom of the page. That’s it, the change is immediate.

Participate in the Live Chat
Weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon ET, Jim is on the air and we have a chat room that he monitors during the show. You can also watch the video feed from the studio. There is no requirement to register for the chat, but if you are interested in having an exclusive username and picture, you need to register over at Chatroll.

Chatroll is a third party application/community, and we are unable to provide support. Chances are, members in the chat will be able to help you if you are having issues.

We’re finding that users having issues with Chatroll frequently are using the Safari browser.

Sign Up for Daily E-Mails
One time per day, we send out an e-mail that includes links to the new posts on the site. Look for the Web Site Updates box at the top right of the home page to register. Enter your e-mail address, hit go and a new window will open with instructions to register.

We use Feedburner to send you the e-mail daily. It too, is a third party application and we can only provide limited support.

RSS Feed
Yes, for those of you who use a news reader, we do have a feed for posts and comments.

Other Site Features

  • Poll question – check out the poll question and participate, we should have at least five posted per week. No registration required.
  • Did you know that you could e-mail a post to friends? Look for the E-mail Post icon and link just under the headline on the right. No registration required.
  • Did you know that you could print a post so you could post it on your fridge? The Print Post link and icon is right next to the E-mail Post feature. No registration required.
  • Search engine. Yup, we’ve got one. It may not be perfect, but it’s pretty good.

Although we can not speak for third party applications, we treat you with respect and will not sell or lend out your e-mail addresses to anyone. You may occasionally get an e-mail from our team about a specific event, but this will not happen very often.

Currently we use Chatroll and Feedburner as for site features. Click on the links to check out their terms of service and privacy policies.

Got questions or need help? Send us an e-mail.

Radio Vice Online launches new Web site

Welcome to the new site! Version 3 combines the blogging efforts of Jim Vicevich and Steve McGough, blogger at Conservative247. The site has a new look – as you can see – and we hope you’ll find the home page easy to navigate.

We’re breaking content into four categories. The featured posts are at the top, and we have sections for Politics & Government, Economics, and News, Media & Other Events. All of the previous posts – including those from Conservative247 – have been migrated to the new site!

Video will continue to be an important part of the site, and you’ll find plenty of video in posts, and we’ll always have a Featured Video for readers.

The site continues to be an interactive place for listeners of Sound Off Connecticut. Click on the banner at the top of any page to get to the Live page. Where you can participate in the online chat, watch Jim in studio on video, take the daily poll and check out the five most recent posts on the site – all on one page!


The Newswire has been moved to the bottom of the home page, but it continues to display recent posts from Hot Air, the Campaign Spot, Powerline Blog and Jeff Jacoby. We’ve made some improvements so you can see where the post comes from, who wrote it and when it was posted.

Posting Comments

  • To post comments, you must now be registered. Please read the Terms of Use before registering, it will only take you a minute or so.
  • Once you have registered, you’ll be e-mailed a password immediately. To log in, simply click on the Log In link at the bottom of any page.
  • If you like a post, you can now e-mail it to a friend or print it for your wall.

Get Site Updates by E-Mail

Just drop your e-mail in the box (near the top of any page) and hit go to register to get daily e-mails with links to all of the posts from that day. If we post that day, you’ll get only one e-mail per day. This one is just an image… go back to the home page to sign up!