Populism is alive and well – the economy and the Constitution

Let’s discuss the conservative viewpoint of the populist nightmare. Listen to any stump speech by your local, state and national politicians who are running for office and count the number of times he or she makes a promise to deliver something of value to you.

What should be the role of the federal government – or any government agency – be when it comes to ‘driving’ the economy? The preamble of the Constitution tasks government with promoting the general welfare, not providing the general welfare. Pull out a dictionary and look up the difference.

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The Politics of Class Envy

Here’s an article on American Thinker that is just up my ally – and well worth a read for our small audience. Obama and all of the populists like to tell you that they understand your plight. You’ve got a right to be mad, especially at all of  those rich people. CEOs make too much money! It’s not fair!

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Republicans Can Be Populists Too

Yes, they can. They are. They can be bigots and elitist too. We saw it with John McCain & Huckabee concerning the border and immigration issues. Michelle Malkin’s column just scratches the surface, politicians these days all seem to be pandering to special groups; they are populist candidates.

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Obama Wants You To Cling to Government, Not Religion

I’ve been reading online about Obama’s speech in San Francisco. He referred to people from little towns in Pennsylvania having a tough time, and implied that they feel betrayed because multiple administrations have done nothing to help them.

Maybe some people in rural Pennsylvania do feel betrayed by the government, but it’s not because the federal government has failed to help them. Populist politicians have conditioned voters to believe that the government is the only group that can help. Obama faults people for clinging to religion and it’s clear; he wants them to cling to government. Read more

Now Needed – Scent-Free School Zones

A Minnesota Democrat has proposed a bill urging a fragrance-free educational campaign. You see, some kids are experiencing negative health issues due to boys using Axe body spray; instead of regular showers it seems. This is the nanny state in action. Populist candidates solving every little issue that comes up. Someone has to do something! Read more

Democrats Blame Bush for Everything – PROVE IT

I’m calling out all Democrats and liberals. Prove it. Prove that President Bush did this, and it resulted in that. I’m talking a clear case of cause and effect. Jobs, housing, oil prices, gas prices, global warming… Pick your poison and give it a shot.

Reuters just posted a story, Democrats Slam Bush on Gloomy Jobs Report. Read more