Democrats Blame Bush for Everything – PROVE IT

I’m calling out all Democrats and liberals. Prove it. Prove that President Bush did this, and it resulted in that. I’m talking a clear case of cause and effect. Jobs, housing, oil prices, gas prices, global warming… Pick your poison and give it a shot.

Reuters just posted a story, Democrats Slam Bush on Gloomy Jobs Report.

By Donna Smith
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats seized on a dismal U.S. jobs report on Friday to deride President George W. Bush’s economic policies, while the White House defended its record on what is becoming a key issue in November’s election.

“Today’s dismal jobs news should put to rest any doubts that our economy is in deep trouble,” Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said in a statement after a government report showed a second straight month of U.S. job losses.

“This troubling news comes at the end of a week where oil topped $104 a barrel and we learned that home foreclosures hit an all time high in the fourth quarter of 2007.”

The Labor Department reported the U.S. economy lost 63,000 jobs last month, after 22,000 jobs were lost in January.

Adding to the dismal employment picture, the department said only 41,000 jobs were created in December — half the 82,000 originally estimated.

Tell me EXACTLY what Bush did – or did not do – to cause the second straight month of U.S. job losses, oil hitting $104 a barrel or the subprime housing problems.

Then, prove your theory – I want to see cause and effect. Nobody can, it’s all emotion.

This is what happens when we ask for a populist electorate. If candidates running for national office keep promising everyone a home, job, health care, education, cheap gas, cheap electricity, cheap oil, and more; you’ve got a dependent population that will expect government to take care of them. Period.

I’ll even wager that I can prove that the actions Executive Branch may have us in a better position than we would have been if the Bush administration had not done what they did do.

The nanny state; taking care of your every need from womb to the tomb.

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