Obamacare’s cram down

Many viewed the election of Scott Brown (R. Ma.) as the death of Obamacare. But, to President Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Harry Reid, it was a mere trifling inconvenience.  According to Pelosi, the stage has been set to pass Obamacare anyway.

Here is the plan.  Remember the negotiations between the House and Senate to reconcile the differences between their respective bills…the negotiations CSPAN was prevented from broadcasting?  It appears that a deal has been reached.  First, the House will pass a bill that simply covers the agreed upon House/Senate amendments to the Senate Bill.  We’ll call that the “Amendments Bill”.  Next, the House will pass the Senate Bill, and make their passage retroactive to the date that the Senate passed its bill.  Finally, the Senate, using the “reconciliation process” (which only needs 51 votes), will pass the “Amendments Bill”.  Both bills will go to Obama for signature.  He will sign the Senate Bill first, and seconds later, sign the “Amendments Bill”.

And, voila, we will have Obamacare. 

Of course, the reconciliation process in the Senate has never been used for anything like this before, much less a law that will let the federal government take over 20% of the American economy.  Pelosi’s solution…lie to the American public.

It’s up to us [the Democrats in the House and Senate] to make sure the public knows this is not extraordinary…It would be a reflection on us if we could not convince people that this is not an unusual place to go.

So why the February 25 “health care summit”, Mr. President?  You obviously know what Pelosi and Reid are planning to do.  Or is this, too, part of the continuing deception? 

We don’t want Obamacare, Mr. President.  Oh, I forgot.  To you, Pelosi and Reid, the opinion of the American public doesn’t matter.  All that matters is your agenda…the American public be damned.

More proof Obamacare will not work

The lead article in Thursday’s Boston Globe should be required reading for our president, and all those in Congress who are still pushing for Obama’s health care legislation. The Massachusetts health care law, upon which Obamacare is based, is falling apart at the seams.

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Obama’s health care olive branch…or not

In a nationally televised interview before Sunday’s Super Bowl, President Obama declared he wanted to hold a health care summit between Democrats and Republicans to reach bipartisan agreement as to the future course of Obamacare.

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Stray cats, dogs and other sneaky things

As someone who has been following the health care bills, I read Steve’s recent post with interest.  All along in this process President Obama has pledged to the American people that if they wanted to keep their current health insurance they could, as nothing in any of the proposed bills would prohibit that, or make it difficult.

Last Friday, however, the President said,

…stray cats and dogs…got in there… And I think that some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge.

Let’s examine that statement.  The first incarnation of Obamacare was what we refer to as the Kennedy/Dodd bill. At page 103 we are told that whether you like your plan or not, unless you have a ‘qualified plan” you will pay a tax.

Next we had the Waxman bill. At pages 15-16 and page 167 we are told the same thing.

Then came the Pelosi bill… your insurance is “grandfathered in (i.e. no tax) as long as your insurer makes absolutely no changes in coverage and doesn’t accept one more insured. If that happens, you will pay a tax. (see page 91).

And finally we got the Reid bill. At pages 97 and 100, we were told that there was no need to leave your present coverage, but, unless it was a “qualified” plan, you would have to pay a tax.

Bottom line in all bills, the government made it virtually impossible to keep the insurance you had, whether you liked it or not, unless you were willing to pay a tax, or increased premiums to obtain a “qualified” plan.

Believing the president, the provisions that violated his pledge to the American public were “snuck” in by Sen. Kennedy (D-Mass.), Sen. Dodd (D-Conn.), Rep. Waxman (D-Calif.), House Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Sen. Reid (D-Nev.).

What part of all of these proposed bills did the president either fail to read, or fail to comprehend?

UPDATE (Jim): Here’s the video one more time courtesy of Steve’s post.