“Mentally troubled” man stabs and kills 4 kids and their mom in New York

Second Amendment advocates will be tempted to start the “we should ban knives” mantra, but that’s not helpful. This is an opportunity for local and national leadership in this country to open a fresh dialogue about the stigma of mental illness, and how just about everyone sweeps this discussion under the rug.

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Obama and White House will no longer relate mass shootings and mental illness

Those with a mental illness who are physically violent are extremely rare, those who are violent with guns are even more rare. In the same vain, a firearm owner who commits a violent act with a gun is extremely rare too. We – gun owners – asked politicians and the media not to associate law-abiding gun owners with violent acts like the Sandy Hook shooting. We were ignored and specifically called out as the problem. Yet, President Obama was asked to distance mental health issues from the gun control issue, and he complied. Read more

Murder-suicides do have something in common – it’s not firearms

Do you think America is ready for “the discussion?” No, I’m not talking about dissolving the 2nd Amendment to take handguns away from private citizens. It’s time we have an honest discussion on how we identify and treat mental illness.

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Krauthammer: Loughner was sick … very sick

I will take heat for this I am sure, but as we pointed out yesterday, when others were debating rhetoric, Jared Loughner showed every indication he was sick, mentally sick. Not a whacko, not nuts, not looney, not a sociopath, and all of the other terms that have been used to describe him. As psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer points out so well, he demonstrated all of the symptoms of a classic schizophrenic. Take the time to listen please. Read more