How will firearm legislation be rewritten? SCOTUS incorporates 2nd Amendment

No time for analysis, but McDonald v. Chicago case has been resolved at the Supreme Court. In a 5 to 4 decision (expected), SCOTUS has ruled the 2nd Amendment is incorporated.

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Amateur’s take on McDonald Second Amendment arguments

I enjoyed listening to the audio of the Heller arguments but unfortunately, they did not release any audio for today’s arguments. This afternoon I posted the full text of the oral arguments within a few minutes of being released and I’ve taken the time to read through the 77 pages during some free time tonight.

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Full text of arguments: McDonald v. Chicago

Here’s the full text for the arguments from today’s Supreme Court session concerning McDonald v. City of Chicago. I”ll consider posting a full HTML version if it is made available, but this one is a PDF file.

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Supreme Court arguments – McDonald v. Chicago Second Amendment incorporation

SCOTUSblog is covering the Supreme Court this morning, starting with release of opinions and followed up by arguments in the McDonald v. Chicago Second Amendment incorporation case.

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2nd Amendment court battle – Chicago case to be round two

Did the Heller case clear up the meaning of the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment? D.C v. Heller dealt with an individuals right to possess a firearm for private use, but the case did not address the city, local and state laws restricting ownership or purchase. Next up … McDonald v. Chicago. Read more