Supreme Court arguments – McDonald v. Chicago Second Amendment incorporation

SCOTUSblog is covering the Supreme Court this morning, starting with release of opinions and followed up by arguments in the McDonald v. Chicago Second Amendment incorporation case.

Update 2: Full text of the oral arguments now posted here.

Unfortunately, they will not be releasing audio of the arguments as they did in Heller. There will be plenty of discussion once the transcript is released, and SCOTUSblog is sort-of-kind-of live blogging the event, posting information as soon as possible.

Update: Analysis from Lyle Denniston. I’ll post the full text of the arguments later today when they are available. Unsure of posting time.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed poised to require state and local governments to obey the Second Amendment guarantee of a personal right to a gun, but with perhaps considerable authority to regulate that right. The dominant sentiment on the Court was to extend the Amendment beyond the federal level, based on the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of “due process,” since doing so through another part of the 14th Amendment would raise too many questions about what other rights might emerge.

Edit – I’ve removed the Live Blog frame as SCOTUSblog only had information concerning released opinions this morning, not specific to McDonald.