Privacy policy from Maryland Health Connection website – Sharing info with law enforcement?

Drudge Report is highlighting this right now, and it’s another one of those poorly worded privacy statements on a website. Supposedly, Maryland feels as though it’s perfectly fine to share your personal information with law enforcement.

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Maryland schools have foreign teachers on staff, but Americans available

The Maryland public school just got hit with a $4.2 million tab to pay for the H1-B visas of more than 1,000 teachers on staff. Why are we retaining foreign teachers when we have 6.8 percent unemployment in Maryland and 9.2 percent in the United States?

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Come on, Connecticut, get with the program

Those of you who live in Connecticut are no doubt familiar with Governor Malloy’s proposal to raise the state’s gasoline tax by 3 cents per gallon.  It would seem as if Connecticut prides itself on being one of the highest taxed states in the country.  But, if Maryland has its way, soon you may be taking a back seat in the “gasoline tax increase derby”.

It seems that Maryland is proposing an increase of 10 cents per gallon.  Oh, the humanity.

If this news is distressing to the folks in Connecticut, you can take some comfort in the words of Gian-Carl Casa, Governor Malloy’s undersecretary at the budget office.  When asked about the wisdom of raising taxes now, he said,

[b]ut at some point government has to come to grips with the needs of the state…

Gee, where have all your tax dollars raised in the past gone, if not for “the needs of the state”.  And, imagine how high your taxes can climb now that the governor’s office is finally coming to grips with “the needs of the state”.

Could states use federal health care funding to provide abortions?

Even though President Obama promised federal dollars would not be used to fund abortions, two states announced they will administer federal mandated high-risk plans through existing high-cost insurance pools. Plans offered through the pools include elective abortion coverage.

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