Hinderaker: Obama is a liar of epic proportions

So true it seems. Our friend John Hinderaker over at Power Line reflects on the just-released Obama administration 2015 budget proposal and President Obama’s own comments concerning the budget at an elementary school in Washington, D.C. earlier today.

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Hinderaker takes on Obama concerning math and taxes

Last night, John Hinderaker called out President Obama on his ability to calculate the results of his tax plan. I did the same thing on Nov. 7, and I’m hoping* the media will also take a few minutes to run the numbers based on tax data collected.

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Is Obama intentionally wrecking the economy?

It’s a question, or rather, it’s an hypothesis that my callers have put forth on a regular basis. I think mostly because Rush repeats it often. John Hinderaker at Powerline examines the evidence and like me, he’s not so sure. Read more

Friday on the Jim Vicevich Show – John Hinderaker from Power Line

Special guest on the show tomorrow will be John Hinderaker, and plenty of talk and discussion about the TEA Party in Hartford – and other events around the country. Call in and tell us about your TEA experience!

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