Friday on the Jim Vicevich Show – John Hinderaker from Power Line

Special guest on the show tomorrow will be John Hinderaker, and plenty of talk and discussion about the TEA Party in Hartford – and other events around the country. Call in and tell us about your TEA experience!

Do call into the show after 10 a.m. ET … (877) 478-5783 … and let us know about the people you met at your TEA Party!

From Hinderaker’s bio on Power Line Blog.

[John] is lawyer with a nationwide litigation practice. For fifteen years Hinderaker has written with his former law partner Scott Johnson on public policy issues including income inequality, income taxes, campaign finance reform, affirmative action, welfare reform, and race in the criminal justice system. Both Hinderaker and Johnson are fellows of the Claremont Institute. Their articles have appeared in National Review, The American Enterprise, American Experiment Quarterly, and newspapers from Florida to California. The Claremont Institute has archived many of their articles here.