Max Baucus reveals Democrat hidden healthcare agenda – spread the wealth around

Heard this just moments ago on Hugh Hewitt’s show, one of the most intelligent on radio today. I can’t say this surprises me at all. They told us they want to control us. They have told us taxing capital is just the cost of the new America.


Then again, the One told us way back when Joe the Plumber confronted Obamanation head on.


Oh yeah … and then on Meet The Press.


The truth can now come out. As we have been saying for months this bill has little to do with health … and everything to do with wealth. If they were truly concerned about health they would not put the benefits out 4 years. There would not be holes on pre-exisitng conditions, and children’s health coverage, and likely others yet to be uncovered.

These Democrats need to be thrown out, All of them. None can be trusted. They hide their agenda and only reveal themselves when caught off guard. It’s hard to keep the mask up, but they always tell you who they are. Always. Period.

I will post later on the meaning of wealth and why Democrats just don’t get it. But for now understand wealth is not bad, it is good. It provides capital, jobs and prosperity. No, the distribution of wealth is never even, but the prosperity it spreads reaches well into every income group. Democrats think they can engineer it’s distribution. They cannot. All they do is consume capital and in the process drain the well and discourage the entrepreneurial activity it creates. Economics, as we have seen, is not their forte. But it will be their downfall.

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