Obama on health care: I don’t care how you do it just do it

Forget the process. Deem, shmeem, just get it done.  I assume the President also means, ignore the people themselves who both nationwide and surprisingly, in Connecticut too, reject this government takeover of healthcare and are paying attention to the process.

Six in ten Americans (60%) agree that a current Democrat proposal to send the Senate health care bill to the president without voting up or down on it is “unfair.”

I assume he also means forget the constitutional questions (which will be challenged) that would arise out of deeming the Senate bill passed in the House just by voting on the changes, or is it the rule they are voting on, or is the the reconciliation bill. Ummm … never mind. The President says forget all that and those rascally Republicans. Pass the friggin bill.

From the exclusive interview with Brett Baier on Fox News tonight at 6PM. And you can watch highlights there later. But I’ve included Brett’s chat with Shep because it’s instructive. As Brett says, it got a little more combative than I’m used to. Wow.


UPDATE: AP has a longer list of legal challenges to the “process” than I posted … plus this:

For what little it’s worth, a Freeper claims to have contacted John Barrow’s office this afternoon to complain about the Slaughter plan and been told that it was dead as of just 15 minutes before. Something to keep an eye on if you’re watching the wires.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    First, they try to ram it through with a supermajority.  They failed to get the votes.  Then, they claim to want a simple up or down vote with a simple majority.  They fail to get the votes.   Now, it is "do an end run around the Constitution and the House rules" and push it through.  They still have not gotten the votes (even with bribery and threats).


    The underlying truth here is that the American people don't want it, and some Democrats still cling (bitter clinger?) to the archaic idea that they are representatives, not misrepresentatives, of the people that elected them.  Obama only wants some kind of win, to notch his belt, Pelousy is just an inveterate socialist Democrat that has no threat to her seat.  I think Reid has just gone insane.


    Cheat, cheat, never beat.  We are wise to your deceptions, Democrats.  Cut your losses, do the right thing, and start over, with both public and Republican input.  We don't want socialism!

  2. donh
    donh says:

    What about the process of  selecting out leaders? Is Washington going to start Deeming election results?  The problem Pelosi faces is that a simple up or down vote on the Senatte bill does not afford her any way  to bribe people directly for votes with ear marks and add on  pork. All she can do is get a job for your  family member , keep some dirt secret, or make threats about re election funds, which is not working out for her….The Slaughter solution allows the Speaker to create an effigy of the bill which she can load up with the kind of cash bribes needed to buy off  people's conscience  to commit treason.

  3. donh
    donh says:

     . Here is a  link to Wikipedia article on the " Deemster ", a medieval form of goverment practiced on the British Isle of Man.  A " Deemster" , the presiding  judge of the High Court PRONOUNCES   law once  a year on the Tynwald Day by reading the law  out to the people…. .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deemster

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