Obama administration – No USA flags fly at Haiti relief centers

Even though the United States is the world leader for earthquake-related aid in Haiti, the Obama administration has ordered relief stations NOT fly the American flag. Other countries proudly display their colors, but we have a president who is NOT proud of our country, so this is what we get.

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CNN’s O’Brien – Orphans not a priority

This little clip is heartbreaking. Now, this is beginning to shape up as a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien pointing out today that the relief workers are unable to get aid to orphanages either because they have pushed it down the priority hole or they are simply overwhelmed. My guess is its a combination of both but wouldn’t you think in a failed state where orphanages are a staple of the society someone would put children first.


Add to this the post from last night on Belgian medical workers evacuating and leaving the sick to suffer, it’s become an embarrassment.

Leaving the sick to suffer

CNN is reporting that Medical staff were withdrawn from a temporary hospital for safety concerns, leaving the sick to suffer … alone. Read more

Earthquake relief for Haiti – donation links

Just providing an additional page in support of efforts by the American Red Cross and Catholic Relief Services.

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Pat Robertson and Danny Glover on Haiti earthquake

A new reader and listener from the left coast contacted me asking why we had not posted on Pat Robertson’s comments concerning Haiti’s pact with the Devil. Well, I was waiting for the left shoe to drop. Danny Glover took care of that, suggesting non-action at climate summits result in earthquakes.

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