CNN’s O’Brien – Orphans not a priority

This little clip is heartbreaking. Now, this is beginning to shape up as a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien pointing out today that the relief workers are unable to get aid to orphanages either because they have pushed it down the priority hole or they are simply overwhelmed. My guess is its a combination of both but wouldn’t you think in a failed state where orphanages are a staple of the society someone would put children first.


Add to this the post from last night on Belgian medical workers evacuating and leaving the sick to suffer, it’s become an embarrassment.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Apocalypse  now is an  Omen to America. Haiti is named after  Hades for  reason . The forked peninsulas are shaped like the horns of Baal Hammon God of the Canaanites . The topagraphy matches the bay of Naples , and the southern tip of Peloponissos, locations of Hades to the Roman and Greek religions. Hades is  guarded by a 3 headed dog named Cerberus ( name of Chrystler hedge fund )  A  3 headed dog named Obama, Clinton, Bush now stands in the way of God's mercy from entering into Satan's Glory . To those members of the New World Order who study the ancient and hidden secrets of power to take  mankind away from the love of  God …..YOUR TIME IS UP !!!!!……. .

  2. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Giving aid under these awful circumstances can never be done perfectly, especially when so many countries are vying for pre-eminence (did anyone hear Hillary Clinton's pr speech at the Haiti airport??? It was embarrasing).  Right now, Bush and his response to Hurricane Katrina are looking quite good.  Of course, the current admin will not get the kind of media criticism he got at that time.

    Personally, I'm tired of the US being picked to pieces by other countries when they are generally the first there to help, with the most aid.  The next time, just let other countries and the UN make a botch of it.

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