Romney’s plan? Attack early, eventually Gingrich will go negative…

… and Newt Gingrich doesn’t do well when he has to go negative.

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Romney’s communication issues – He himself refers to Romneycare

First off, I’m not “in Romney’s camp” and I’m just making an observation. Did anyone else notice GOP candidate for president Gov. Mitt Romney referred to Massachusetts’ health care legislation and law as “Romneycare?”

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Open Thread: Your thoughts on the GOP debate in Las Vegas last night

Did not have the time to watch anything but the last minute or so of the debate last night, so how about adding your comments below concerning debate performance. Who gained? Who lost?

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The House GOP plan for job growth – 16 bills await Senate action

Sixteen pieces of legislation. All of them passed by the US House of Representatives and waiting for action in the Democrat-controlled Senate. All of them associated with economic and job growth here in the United States.

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Jim DeMint: The GOP had better behave … you betcha!

I could not agree more. Should the Tea Party, by whatever name, ever organize into a political party due to a lack of fortitude on the part of the GOP, I am pretty sure the Tea Party will become the major party. Read more

Washington GOP releases novel: Contract with America v 2.0 (2010)

Yeah, it’s so damn long I have no interest in reading it right now. But I will, and there was one paragraph that caught my eye. I’m pretty certain the Washington insiders who wrote this thing either chuckled while composing the paragraph, or they read the Constitution quite differently than most conservatives.

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Please no … GOP plans wave of White House probes

There’s been talk of serious Congressional hearings getting going once the Republicans take control of the House, Senate or both starting in early 2011. Please, no. I’m serious, I’m not interested in hearings about the transparency or lack there of in the current Executive Branch.

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Senate GOP caving on government health care option? Update: Video, Nelson says yes

Political junkie Erik Erickson who blogs over at Red State hears from a reliable source that during meetings today, Republican members of the Senate became agreeable to the government health care option.

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