Iran’s “punch” heard round the world – emergency UN meetings scheduled (Update)

On the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the countries leaders have announced a huge blow to the west. The stunning “punch” leaves western leaders unbalanced as they make plans to meet in emergency session at the United Nations. Iran turned off GMAIL!

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Gmail Custom Time – Pre-date your Messages!

Google posted a pretty good April Fools joke this year. I drove into work ready to find jokes and saw this one immediately when logging in. Pretty funny.

Author note: While I’m away from the computer, I’m republishing my top 20 posts from 2008 each afternoon. -Steve

Full information on the new service.

Check out GMails new custom time feature!

Google releases GMail video and audio chat

For those of you with a video camera on your Mac or a stand alone webcam, Google just released GMail Video Chat.

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