Violent crime statistics up for 2012 – FBI preliminary report

I saw this report yesterday and I’ve been waiting for some journalist or politician to point to these preliminary numbers and scream out “See, see! More guns equals more crime.” I have not seen anything yet, so maybe there is some hope. I’ll still bet $10 that someone will read the first paragraph of the report and head right for a microphone somewhere.

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Biden’s correlation between rape, murder, and Obama’s jobs bill

At the risk of “screwing” with the vice president, I’m going to call him out. He’s playing dirty politics using scare tactics and a curious use of statistics to again bolster the president’s job [killing] bill, while supporting the statist agenda. Consider this post part of my Symptom of the Disease series. Can you guess why?

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Terrorist attack in Seattle monitored and stopped by FBI

The affidavit released by the FBI today does not indicate if the confidential informant was or was not a member of law enforcement, but the complaint certainly indicates these terrorists were serious.

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