Colorado not as dope as we thought?

Regulate it and tax it! In the official proposal dated Feb. 18, Colorado’s  Gov. John Hickenlooper requested an additional $28 million in state funding for regulation of pot in the state for the time period July 2013 through July 2015 (two fiscal years). There was already $29 million allocated for enforcement and public safety in 2013. Of course, those state funds would easily be offset by the sales tax generated right? Not so much.

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Obamacare ads from Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

The group’s website is and it’s buckled under the pressure this morning. Ray and Jim are talking about these ads, so we’ll get them up here so you can see a few.

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Obama stimulus program provided $600,000 for free trees to wealthy

So Denver gets a bunch of stimulus cash to spend – and they really HAVE to spend it – so they buy a bunch of saplings and go door to door around Denver asking property owners if they would like a free tree planted in their yard.

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With 8 to 1 spending advantage, gun control advocates lose in Colorado

A tremendous amount of funding thrown into the Colorado State Senate recall effort by gun control advocates – including personal funding by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – still could not save two senators who were recalled by the people of Colorado.

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All was fine with regulating and taxing marijuana … till you saw the tax rate

Legalize it, regulate and tax it! That has been the battle-cry of those interested in ending the prohibition of marijuana in the United States. Well, they asked for it and they are going to get it in Colorado, which is suggesting a 35 percent tax to cover the “cost of regulation”.

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Colorado Democrat: Women fearing rape might shoot first, ask questions later

Well here we have another absurd argument from a politician. In Colorado, state Rep. Joe Salazar (D) thinks women who carry guns for self-defense will shoot first and ask questions later. Of course, there is zero evidence this would happen since women have been allowed to carry openly and concealed for years in almost every US state, and they have not been shooting people.

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Cool stuff your taxes are paying for…

The United States Constitution is quite specific … the federal government is to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America from all threats. One of the tools we use to meet that responsibility is the UH-60 Blackhawk.

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Balloon Boy: Setup or just confused? Update: Family video interview added – hoax?

Ok … you can read the earlier play by play here … but late yesterday evening Wolf, bless his heart, asked little Falcon the wrong question. Or was it the right question? Asked why he didn’t come out of hiding … the little boy said because … “You guys said … we did this for the show.” Read more

Breaking: Kid in balloon over Denver – Update 2 – boy found hiding in attic

CNN, Fox News and Channel 7 in Denver are reporting a six year-old boy may be trapped in a home-made balloon currently floating over eastern Colorado. The boy and his dad were working on the balloon as a project. (Update: kid found fine hiding in an attic above a garage.) Read more